Ellen Brout Lindsey ’81

Dartmouth Club of the Pioneer Valley

Ellen Brout Lindsey ’81, through her steady enthusiasm for Dartmouth, has led the Dartmouth Club of Pioneer Valley since 2007. Ellen’s stamp of influence is readily apparent on this successful club, which last year was named Medium Club of the Year.

Ellen’s ability to delegate, her focus on accomplishing the team’s goals, and her work with current board members to identify and invite new leaders to board meetings are all factors in the club’s success. Ellen’s quarterly meetings are thoughtfully planned in advance, and within the week she follows up with minutes containing clearly identified action items.

The holiday party, annual dinner, and traditional welcome for students participating in the Ledyard Canoe Club’s Trip to the Sea are highly anticipated events. Ellen recognizes, however, the value of smaller events that bring out alumni who previously had not participated. In fact, she considers events like the newest member of their board organizing a hike to a local waterfall and the Dartmouth Alumni Day of Service event making wooden manipulative toys for a non-profit founded by a Dartmouth ’81 to be the most successful last year.

Club communications are a priority for Ellen. She and her team inform their local Dartmouth community through adept use of iModules email, a website expertly managed by Ed Mazer ’63, and two full-color print newsletters. These efforts have led to measurable success. In 2016, the club enjoyed a 10 percent increase in dues collection and interviewed 96 percent of local applicants to the Class of 2020.

Ellen, bravo for your leadership in 2016 and best wishes for the continued success of the Dartmouth Club of Pioneer Valley with you at the helm.