Lone Pines are Never Lonely

Dartmouth alumni are one of the College's greatest strengths. Wherever you live, whatever stage you are at in life, and however long it's been since you visited Hanover, the Dartmouth alumni network is here for you. 

Connect to 79,500 Dartmouth Alumni

Find alumni through the Alumni Directory or tap into the strength of the Dartmouth career network, Dartmouth Connect.

Connect with Your Class

We know that Class bonds are strong at Dartmouth. There are many ways to keep in touch with your classmates, or volunteer as part of your class's leadership team.

Connect with Alumni Near You

Dartmouth alumni live 'round the girdled earth and connect with one another through 80 regionally based clubs.

Connect with Alumni Like You

Through our Affiliated Groups, Dartmouth supports personal-identity groups based on ethnicity and sexual orientation.

Connect with Alumni Who Share Your Interests

Come together with alumni with common interests, such as industry, profession, and military service through a Shared Interest Group.

Connect with Women

Through Women of Dartmouth, alumnae can connect and engage through programming and networking opportunities that are specifically geared toward women.

Connect with Young Alumni

If you graduated within the last decade, Young Alumni of Dartmouth Activities (YADA) will be a great step into the alumni community and a way to keep up with other young alumni.

View a complete list of Alumni Clubs, Regional Communities, and Affiliated/Shared Interests Groups with contact information here.