Celebrating Three Dartmouth Milestone Anniversaries

50 years ago, the College became fully coeducational, recommitted to educating and supporting indigenous students by establishing the Native American and Indigenous Studies and the Native American Program, and strengthened Dartmouth’s Black community by founding the Black Alumni of Dartmouth Association (BADA). In 2022, the College is honoring all three milestones with a year-long celebration including on-campus and virtual events.

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November 11-12, 2022

Hanover, NH

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Dartmouth Coeducation at 50

50 Years of Dartmouth Women Changing the World

President John G. Kemeny made a historic announcement on November 21, 1971, on Dartmouth College Radio, when he told the world that the Board of Trustees had voted to allow women to apply for four-year undergraduate matriculation. Throughout 2021 and 2022, Dartmouth remembers and celebrates a monumental milestone: the decision to make Dartmouth a fully coeducational institution.

This campus-wide commemoration of Dartmouth Coeducation at 50 includes on-campus and virtual events, stimulating educational content, and a year-long celebration of Dartmouth women as changemakers. For Coeducation at 50 event information, visit the official coeducation website

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BADA at 50

Celebrating 50 Years of Dartmouth’s Black Alumni Community

During the fall of 1971, Dartmouth’s community of Black students, faculty, staff, and alumni started exploring better ways to serve the needs of Black students on campus, foster closer relationships between Black undergraduates and alumni, and increase efforts to recruit Black students to Dartmouth. In 1972, the Black Alumni of Dartmouth Association (BADA) was born.

Today, BADA serves as the central hub of Black alumni relations with the College, social events, networking opportunities, and more. 

On May 27-29, 2022, BADA will host a three-day, on-campus celebration to recognize this milestone anniversary while honoring and uplifting BADA members and supporters. The entire Dartmouth community is invited to join in this special celebration. For more information on the BADA 50th anniversary celebration and registration for the weekend, visit the event page

And check back for information on future BADA 50th anniversary events this Fall. 

BADA 50th Reunion Event

Dartmouth Celebrates 50+ Years: Native American Program Native American and Indigenous Studies

A Recommitment to Dartmouth's Mission to Educate Indigenous Students

Dartmouth’s charter claimed to create a college "for the education and instruction of Youth of the Indian Tribes in this Land...and also of English Youth and any others." But for two centuries, Dartmouth fell far short of that goal, with only 19 Native Americans graduating from the College.

John G. Kemeny became the 13th president of Dartmouth College in 1970, pledging to redress past wrongs. In recommitting Dartmouth to its founding purpose, Kemeny established a Native American Program at the College and directed the Admissions Office to begin actively recruiting Indian students for the first time. Learn more about the Department of Native American and Indigenous Studies by visiting the departmental website. Check out the student group Native Americans at Dartmouth (NAD) on the NAD webpage. And to connect with the Native American Alumni Association, please visit the NAAAD page. For more information on the 50th-anniversary Honoring Powwow and registration for alumni weekend events, visit the event page

Native American Alumni Association Events

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50 Real Stories From 50 Years of Alumni

Throughout its history, the College has produced countless alumni with impressive accomplishments and engaging stories.

In honor of our milestone celebrations, we wanted to bring visibility to these communities by sharing stories from 50 different alumni spanning 50 classes over the last 50 years.

We searched for stories representing each of the three milestone communities to bring attention and visibility to the amazing work they are doing in the world. Our stories cover real-life experiences of alumni from: 

• Dartmouth women/alumnae

• Members of the Native and Indigenous alumni community (NAAAD)

• Members of the Black Alumni of Dartmouth Association

See the 50 for 50 Storytelling Project



Limited Series: Introducing the New 50 for 50 Storytelling Project

The 50 for 50 Storytelling Project brings you nine alumni stories from members of milestone anniversary communities. They'll tell us about their lives at Dartmouth and beyond in their own words. Host Jennifer Avellino ’89 interviews the alumni in this exciting new podcast. 

Guests will include Dartmouth voices who are changemakers in fields such as:

  • The arts
  • Professional sports
  • Supporting indigenous communities
  • Culinary arts
  • And more

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