The Association of Alumni of Dartmouth College was organized in 1854 to represent all Dartmouth alumni. According to the association constitution, membership includes “every person who has ever matriculated as a full-time student in pursuit of a Dartmouth degree” at the undergraduate College; in an advanced degree program in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences; or at Geisel School of Medicine, Thayer School of Engineering, or Tuck School of Business.

With the formation of the Dartmouth Alumni Council in 1913 as the representative body of the alumni, the association's role was limited to conducting College alumni trustee ballot contests. The association officers and executive committee have adopted guidelines “to govern the conduct of balloting among the Alumni of Dartmouth College to select a nominee for the position of Alumni Trustee of Dartmouth College.” The guidelines specify procedures for the balloting and petitioning process and for convening a balloting committee to oversee balloting contests. Copies of the guidelines are available from the association upon request.


Morris “Rocky” Whitaker ’74

First Vice President
Stephanie Yu ’97 

Second Vice President
John Valdez '07

Lisa Caldeira ’07 

Executive Committee
Steve Adnopoz ’78
Libby Roberts ’79
Barry Caldwell '82
Dan Parish '89
Maxine Mauricio '93
Delfina Gonzalez '11
Regan Plekenpol ‘17

Recommend an alumni leader for the Dartmouth Board of Trustees.


To reach any association officer, please contact the Alumni Leadership Unit of the Office of Alumni Relations: (603) 646-3929.

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