Homecoming was an outstanding success!

Thank you to all who gathered online with fellow Dartmouth alumni for the most global and diverse Homecoming ever, on October 2-3, 2020. Take a seat in your comfy chair—your basecamp to the world—and enjoy videos of all the engaging and entertaining events of the weekend.

Our Dartmouth Night stays strong!

Watch Dartmouth Night 

Changing the Faces of Our Democracy

This recorded session brings together local and national politicians and advocates in a provocative discussion on the challenges of diversity in representation among leadership in our communities and across our nation. Moderated by Dr. Matthew Delmont, Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Professor of History at Dartmouth College.

Students-Athletes in the time of COVID

Watch a panel of Dartmouth Student-athletes and a member of the Dartmouth coaching staff as they share their perspectives on pursuing athletic and academic excellence amidst the pandemic. This webinar panel will be moderated by a member of the DP2 staff and will include a question and answer session

Dartmouth Peak Performance (DP2) is a comprehensive program designed to position student-athletes to achieve the highest levels of physical, intellectual, and personal growth during their careers.

Navigating College Admissions at Homecoming

Do you have a child who is starting to think about applying to college? If so, please join us for our workshop "Navigating College Admissions" with Lee Coffin, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid and Meg Lysy, Director of the Admissions Ambassador Program.

This session is designed specifically for Dartmouth alumni and their college-bound children in grades 9-12 who want to gain valuable insight into the admissions process at any college or university. This ever-popular program will be held virtually for the first time, providing greater access to alumni around the world who may not be able to get to Hanover for an Admissions workshop.

Is it Time to Scrap the Electoral College?

In this talk, Linda Fowler, Dartmouth’ s Professor of Government, Emerita we will review the theory behind the Electoral College and its performance over the nation's history.  She will then talk about the reasons behind the rising importance of the Electoral College and how it has distorted modern presidential campaigns.  Finally, she will consider various proposals to diminish or abolish the Electoral College.