Hill Winds Program

The Dartmouth Hill Winds Program trains current students in networking and interviewing skills to act as liaisons with the broad alumni community.

The Hill Winds Mission
To strengthen student and alumni engagement through our shared connection to the Dartmouth community and foster a lasting commitment to service with the College.

Program Description
The Hill Winds Program is an opportunity for current students to engage with Dartmouth alumni and the Alumni Relations team through a variety of alumni events and networking opportunities, as well as student development training. All students are welcome to apply to the Program and engage in Program meetings, training and events. Students who have joined the Program will also have the opportunity to be inducted into the Hill Winds Society by completing a number of training sessions to develop their skills in networking and public speaking. Students inducted into the Society will be invited to additional opportunities that best utilize their skills in those areas and will have access to additional training opportunities.

Program Goals

  • Help students and alumni create a deeper connection to the Dartmouth community
  • Educate students on alumni programming and volunteer opportunities to best prepare them for their future as Dartmouth alumni
  • Support the professional and interpersonal growth of students through skills training and team development strategies in these areas of focus: Alumni Networking, Public Speaking, History and Traditions Tours, and Conversational Interviewing
  • Prepare students to act as representatives of the student body and ambassadors to alumni, amplifying important points of connection and opportunities for engagement
  • Engage a large and diverse group of students in alumni relations programming and events
  • Incorporate DIB&E (Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging, and Equity) and cultural competencies throughout the program and support student awareness and education

Program Eligibility

Students from the junior, sophomore, and freshman classes are invited to apply to the Hill Winds Program. After being accepted into the program, members must attend the basic training. There is a three-term minimum commitment to the program.

Interested in joining the Hill Winds program?

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We recommend typing your answers in a Word Doc in advance to avoid being timed out of your session. For a preview of the application questions, visit dartgo.org/HWPAppQuestions.

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For more information, contact:
Isabelle Strong ‘19
Assistant Director, Admissions/Advancement Liaison
Admissions Ambassador Program
Dartmouth Alumni Relations
(603) 646-3584

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