Dartmouth on Location brings our exceptional teacher-scholars to communities across the country for educational adventures.

DOL events gather together alumni, parents, and friends of the College to explore topics ranging from archaeology to zoology. Please join us—you’ll learn and have fun!

Dartmouth on (Virtual) Location: Opera in the Popular Imagination

Previously recorded online events with Steve Swayne, the Jacob H. Strauss 1922 Professor of Music and Director of the Montgomery Fellows Program.

Dartmouth on (Virtual) Location: Impressionist Paintings Everybody Should Know

The Impressionist art movement highlights shared characteristics of the artists but also reflects the diverse approaches to paintings.

Previously recorded: Special guests George Shackelford '77, Deputy Director of the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas and John Stomberg, the Virginia Rice Kelsey 1961s Director of the Hood Museum of Art, will help transport you through a captivating discussion. The events include the dynamic conversation between George and John as well as a live Q & A to share paintings in three regional areas: the Midwest, the South, and New England and Northeastern Canada.

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