Ties That Last a Lifetime

Dartmouth alumni relations creates meaningful ways for you to remain engaged with the College and with your friends and classmates. Discover (or re-discover) the exciting opportunities for alumni all across the globe. 

Travel with Us

Dartmouth Alumni Travel hosts more than 40 trips a year, where you can enjoy enlightening adventures with people who share your educational values. Revive old friendships or forge new ones with fellow alumni. 

Explore with Us

Dartmouth on Location brings the exciting scholarship and research transpiring on the Dartmouth campus to alumni and friends across the country and around the globe through educational adventures at exhibit and performance venues.

Have Fun with Us

Keep up with Dartmouth today through a wide variety of educational, cultural, and social events on campus and around the country.

Reminisce with Us

Blaze a trail home to Hanover for Homecoming & Dartmouth Night.

Celebrate with Us

Join your class for Dartmouth Reunion; a time to celebrate lifelong friendships, relive memories, and rediscover the remarkable place that is Dartmouth today.