Tara Gulla ’95

Dartmouth Club of Maryland

Though she is only in the second year of her presidency, Tara Gulla ’95, has already made her mark on the Dartmouth Club of Maryland. Tara’s contributions are all the more remarkable given that she relocated to Maryland less than four years ago.

Tara’s success stems from her go-getter style and ability to bring people together. The club brought the spirit of the Big Green to Maryland this year by co-hosting a golf tournament with the Dartmouth Club of Washington, D.C.; actively supporting YADA’s Big Green Affair; rooting for Dartmouth against Georgetown, and cheering on Dartmouth Rugby versus Navy in Annapolis. Tara’s spirit of collaboration was demonstrated when she and her team planned a holiday networking party with our Ivy+ peers, as well as joint football viewing parties with Cornell and Harvard. She even persuaded Harvard alumni to wear Dartmouth nametags!

Tara’s collaborative style and love for Dartmouth is reflected in her proactive work with Women of Dartmouth D.C. to broaden its outreach to Baltimore. In her role as a Class of ’95 mini-reunion chair, Tara spoke at Class Officers Weekend 2016 about the importance of club-class collaboration. Under her leadership, the club’s independent spirit of adventure has also flourished. Just imagine Dartmouth alumni, in full costume, sailing around the Inner Harbor on an Urban Pirates cruise!

The board’s leadership and financial standing have grown stronger with Tara as president. The board now includes Tuck alumni and graduates from almost every decade. Tara, recognizing that leaders of from different generations prefer different forms of communication, is quick to text young alumni leaders to keep them informed and involved. In this email-driven world, Tara utilizes iModules reports to better understand how Maryland alumni engage with club messages. Financially, the club has nearly doubled its treasury in the two years Tara has been president.

Tara, we are grateful for your leadership, collaboration, and commitment to building the Dartmouth community throughout Baltimore and beyond!