In Pursuit of Excellence

Dartmouth College Recognizes with Deep Appreciation the Extraordinary Achievements of

William L. Russell, III ’63

2016 Treasurer of the Year
26 Years Out and Older

Bill, since 1983, you have been an extraordinary example of what it means to be an outstanding class officer and leader. Your accomplishments as class treasurer are truly impressive including collection last year of $28,753 in dues from your classmates, representing 48 percent class participation. Your efforts helped fund a strong mini-reunion program with 21 “minis” in many cities across the U.S. and Canada. In addition, your efforts also enabled your class to invest $18,968 in class projects including Dartmouth Partners in Community Service, Dartmouth Athletic Sponsors, and the Class of 1963 Scholarship Fund.

As an economics major at Dartmouth, you immersed yourself in student activities including memberships in the Undergraduate Council, Green Key Society, The Dartmouth, Alpha Theta/Theta Chi and Casque & Gauntlet. As an alumnus, you have been honored with the Alumni Fund Roger Wilde 1921 Reunion Award and the John R. Mason 1915 Award. You have played an active role in supporting Dartmouth College by serving as alumni fund head agent, regional club district enrollment director and treasurer, and admissions district enrollment director in addition to your role as class treasurer where you have acted as treasurer for all of your class’s major reunions and maintained a separate set of accounts for those events.

Outside of Dartmouth, you are a dedicated husband to Pat and father to three sons; William, David, and Michael. Your family business has demonstrated a strong philanthropic commitment, raising funds for the Burn Foundation. You have served your community as a volunteer firefighter and served your country in the United States Coast Guard Reserve.

“Bill has very quietly and competently managed class dues, budget, banking, finances, and tax returns for more than 30 years,” said Class President Larry Bailey ’63. “Bill has been the ideal financial person for the class, quickly calculating the impact of potential class projects on our finances and the financial tradeoffs we have to make in deciding between project options. Through his exceptional efforts, we have always managed our projects and reunions within their budgets, funded four Class of 1963 scholarships, and made some of the largest annual contributions to Dartmouth Athletics Sponsor and to Dartmouth Partners in Community Service.”

In appreciation for all you have done for your class and for Dartmouth College, it is an honor to present you with the award for the 2016 Class Treasurer of the Year.