In Pursuit of Excellence

Dartmouth College Recognizes with Deep Appreciation the Extraordinary Achievements of

Rachel B.J. Richardson ’01

2016 Treasurer of the Year
25 Years Out and Younger

Rachel, although you are leaving your helm as treasurer of the Great Class of 2001, your dedication and work these past five years have not gone unnoticed by your classmates and the team at Alumni Relations.

During your tenure, you oversaw a steady improvement in class dues participation among ’01s. In addition to adding dues payers each year, you helped the treasury grow, and completed seven class projects along the way. Two major gifts this past year included a $10,000 gift to Summer Enrichment at Dartmouth and contributions to the purchase of a rowing scull in memory of a classmate. Also inspiring was your goal to help the new class treasurer transition seamlessly into her role—something deeply appreciated by anyone who has ever been new to this role. You have set up the incoming treasurer, and your class, for continued success.

At Dartmouth, you majored with honors, in English and creative writing, participated in the English FSP, and worked for The Stonefence Review. After graduating, you obtained your MFA in poetry from the University of Michigan and then an MA in folklore and American studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where you also taught. You are an accomplished poet and lecturer and have authored two collections in addition to winning numerous awards and fellowships for your work. You now live in Berkeley, California, with your husband David and two daughters where you enjoy running, hiking, and traveling.

“I genuinely cannot exaggerate the diligence and conscientiousness with which Rachel has performed her role,” offers Class President Jane Parkin Kullman. “She has organized our funds, maintained a watchful eye over our finances and our dues payments, and managed the budgets for our class projects. What an honor for Rachel and also for us as a class. She really has done an amazing job, and it is well deserved.”

Thank you for your exemplary work as treasurer these past five years. Your class is going to miss your keen and watchful eye and we hope you remain involved in the years to come. In appreciation for all that you have done for your class and for Dartmouth, it is an honor to present you with this award for the 2016 Class Treasurer of the Year.