Class Awards 2013

Dartmouth College
Recognizes with Deep Appreciation
the Extraordinary Achievements of

Robert Crawford '90
and Walter Palmer '90
2014 Secretaries of the Year
Less Than 25 Years Out

When does one and one equal more than two? When two energetic class secretaries team up to deliver the news.

As co-class secretaries for the past five years, you have crafted columns that reflect your shared interests in work, family and sports. A lot of sports.

That's only natural, though. Chosen by the Utah Jazz in the 1990 NBA draft, Walter played professionally for more than a decade before transitioning into athlete rights activism, first on behalf of professional athletes in Europe and now globally as head of UNI Sport Pro. And Rob is not only the development director of The Park School in Brookline, Massachusetts, but is "Regular Rob," the vice president of Red Sox Nation whose song about life as a fan regularly plays over the loudspeakers in Fenway Park.

But whether you're writing about athletics, friends, or family, it's your appreciation of community that makes you such a standout team. As sons of Dartmouth fathers, you learned early that four years in Hanover creates a special bond. Together you've been exploring that bond between your own classmates. You've documented their families and careers. You've reached out for their thoughts on everything from unexpected life turns to the best books they've read since graduation. You've worked hard to always feature a new roster of names and personal stories, and you're always scouting for more ways to bring the class together, whether you're building momentum for reunions or working the crowd to uncover news of classmates who have slipped out of touch. Highlighting the myriad interests and accomplishments of your classmates, you honor a team that does well, does good, and cares about one another.

You do so with exuberance, respect, and pride--while always hitting deadlines and making every issue.

Robert Crawford and Walter Palmer, we thank you for the enthusiasm and professionalism you bring to your class, the College, and Dartmouth Alumni Magazine.