Class Officers Weekend 2015

Dartmouth College
Recognizes with Deep Appreciation
the Extraordinary Achievements of

2015 Class Webmaster of the Year

Peter, this citation honors the best of new or significantly updated Dartmouth class websites by recognizing your work as webmaster of the Class of 1962 website.

The history of the Class of '62 website is a familiar one. The legacy site was created years ago using unintuitive content management tools for which there was no support from the College. It was difficult to update, needed an outside resource to add new content, and had less-than-desirable site traffic.

In mid-2014, you were asked to reinvent your class site so that it could be more modern and relevant to your class. Like so many class webmasters before you, you had never held a class office, but you made the same mistakes other class webmasters have made: 1) you revealed your technical aptitude through your book about the internet in Brazil and 2) you revealed your willingness to tackle a detailed project (in your case, via your contribution to your previous website's "Google Earth" functionality).

And so, in the fall of 2014 you took on the challenge of creating a new class website. In the words of your class president, you took on this project "on (your) own, with no team, and with a vengeance."

The results of your effort are spectacular. You have single-handedly demonstrated how wonderful and relevant an iModules-built class website can be. You did not simply build a class website. You built the standard to which other classes struggling with their legacy sites can aspire. And you did this with iModules--without the need for third-party technical resources.

The new Class of 1962 website includes every "best practice" for content and function recommended by the Class Webmaster Association. For your site these criteria were merely a starting point. You also have included classmate-provided content, such as art and audio clips, and links to resources of interest to your age group, all presented in an organized fashion.

Particularly worthy of note is your "Songs/Videos" section. Anyone needing a bit of Green nostalgia can browse among one of the largest collection of College-themed audio and video recordings available on any Dartmouth class website.

By creating such a wonderful Class of 1962 site, you have also done a great service to all other classes struggling to replace their own legacy sites. By compiling and archiving your class's past, you have shown us the future.

Peter, your contributions to your class, to the Dartmouth Class Webmasters Association, and to Dartmouth College are greatly appreciated. We congratulate you on being named 2015 Class Webmaster of the Year.