Class Awards 2013

Dartmouth College
Recognizes with Deep Appreciation
the Extraordinary Achievements of

Matthew Hoffman '82
Richard Nadworny '82
2014 Co-Webmaster of the Year
iModules Website

What constitutes an effective alumni class website? The answer changes every year, as technology and how classmates interact online changes. As classes select the latest tools available with which to build a class web site, the choices have fallen into two categories: iModules and everything else.

This citation honors the best of an iModules implementation by recognizing the Class of 1982 website and its co-webmasters, Matthew Hoffman '82 and Richard "Rich" Nadworny '82.

Shortly after the College announced the selection of iModules as the sole platform for which it would provide technical support, your class decided to replace its existing site with a new one, created using iModules. At the time, iModules was an unknown, unproven tool. Your class chose both of you as a team of co-webmasters to build a website with unfamiliar tools and migrate pre-existing content to the new site.

Rich, that you had the word "creative" in your job title for much of your career suggests just one component of your contribution to development of the new site. Rich's talents are complemented by yours, Matthew: your top-tier alumni volunteer credentials, including your service as a current Alumni Council representative and as a past class president, for which you earned the 2012 Class President of the Year Award.

The result of your combined efforts is an exemplary deployment of iModules. To the minimal structure of the standard iModules template, you added content not yet seen in most other iModules implementations, including a drop-down menu of class-specific information (such as metrics, financials, class mission and values), a "Lost Emails" list of classmates, and a page promoting participation in the Bartlett Tower Society. You have added online class dues payment functionality, and in less than a day, Matthew created a "Post a Comment" feature to allow visitors to submit feedback, questions, or "Green Card" content.

Matthew and Rich, your contributions to your class, to the Dartmouth Class Webmasters Association, and to Dartmouth College are greatly appreciated. We congratulate both of you on being named 2014 Class Co-Webmaster of the Year.