May 18–20, 2017

Chair David Hetzel ’72 opened the meeting with a call for updates on projects being managed by each working group.

Michelle LaFond ’83 re-capped Thursday evening’s “Shark Tank” competition for student groups. The event was an innovative way for councilors to hear from students and for students to hone their presentation skills. 7 groups competed for prize money, and approximately 100 alumni and students attended.

Melanie Pastuck ’11 noted that the next round of the Resume Review project is scheduled between spring and summer terms. Typically, 40 to 50 alumni (councilors and others) provide industry-specific advice to students after an initial review by Center for Professional Development (CPD) staff.

Other project updates included a special projects group looking into ways to connect students on study abroad programs with alumni for the purposes of career exploration; 12 different videos featuring 9 Alumni Councilors offering career advice are now featured on the CPD website; and the Career Event Planning Toolkit is now posted on the Alumni Relations website.

Gail Gentes, Dan Parish ’89, and CPD Director Rog Woolsey updated the committee on CPD and Dartmouth for Life initiatives:

  • Dartmouth Works-Los Angeles is an experiential learning program sponsored by generous alumni and managed by the CPD, the Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning, and the Dartmouth for Life program.
  • The CPD and Dartmouth for Life team continue to partner with other offices to sponsor Off the Green industry events.
  • Rog Woolsey discussed a CPD partnership that connects undergraduate students with the Tuck Minority Business Executives program; the first-year of the Women’s Professional Circle; a re-cap of an event with LGBTQ alumni hosted at Triangle House; and growing connections with faculty as the House Communities develop. 

Cuong Do ’88 TU’89 proposed that the committee work with classes to promote the creation and funding of internships. Cuong recommended partnering with reunion and post-reunion classes to plant the idea. Cuong will follow up with staff in the CPD and Alumni Relations and then convene a conference call with the committee towards the end of summer. 

The last 30 minutes of our time was devoted to a productive conversation with three students, with the goal of discussing how alumni might better support career planning for first-generation students at Dartmouth.

Todd Donovan ’92 will serve as vice chair of the committee, supporting chair Cuong Do ’88 TU’89.