Professional Development

The Professional Development Committee works with the Center for Professional Development and the Office of Alumni Relations to help to generate program ideas designed to leverage alumni expertise in service to other alumni and students at Dartmouth. The committee identifies and solicits appropriate alumni to participate in professional development programs; shares information about professional opportunities serving students and alumni with constituents and current councilors; promotes college programs designed to encourage alumni to hire and mentor Dartmouth students; and plans and carries out on-campus career programming for students in conjunction with Alumni Council meetings in Hanover.

Charles Allison '78
Luke Antal '07
Karen Blodgett '86 TU'91
Jen Bordeau '06
Belinda Chiu '98
Kate Domin '19
Caroline Gottschalk '84 P'24
Margaret Johnston '22
Michele Lamberti '97
J. Mentrek '13
Lee Merkle-Raymond '86
Erik Moore '89
Kalina Newmark '11
Walter Palmer '90 - Liaison
Vanessa Paster '00
Nick Perencevich '69 MED'70 P'04
Damali Rhett Harding '99 TU'06
Erika Schneider '08
Pablo Stern '01 TH'01  - Chair
Luke Suydam '14
Jonathan Weatherly '90 P'19  - Vice Chair
Jill Wesley '95
Tom Wooton TU'07