November 1–3, 2012

The Academic Affairs Committee of Dartmouth’s Alumni Council had three agenda items, which were addressed by guest speakers:

1. The Interaction of Pedagogy and Scholarship in the Social Sciences and the Arts
Jonathan Zinman, associate professor of economics
Jeffrey Ruoff, associate professor and chair, film and media studies

Professors Zinman and Ruoff shared how their research and teaching are woven together so that student and professor are sharing innovative thoughts, experiences, and discoveries via regular academic collaboration.

2. Responding to the Shifting Demands of Popular Majors
Nancy Marion, George J. Records Professor of Economics, associate dean of the faculty for the social sciences
Meredith Braz, registrar, Dartmouth College

Professor Marion and Registrar Braz shared that timetabling classes is a delicate balance, and that Dartmouth and its departments are quite nimble in responding to student needs and wants — even when students change their minds and with the added complexity of away terms.

3. Career and Employment Services
Inge-Lise Ameer, associate dean of the college for student support services
Monica Wilson, acting co-director of career services

Career and Employment Services shared its goals for the coming years while also emphasizing its strengths as an office in assisting students with finding internships, developing job search skills, and finding work in a variety of fields.