Lifelong Learning

The Committee on Lifelong Learning serves as a principal interface between the faculty and the Alumni Council of Dartmouth College. The committee affirms the strong relationship between the faculty and alumni and keeps alumni informed about the Dartmouth academic experience.

The Committee serves as a platform to facilitate the intersection of academic life at Dartmouth with programs and strategies that provide for alumni engagement. The Committee will work with Alumni Relations and College representatives to identify academic opportunities to enrich the lives of alumni as they in turn support the institution with their time and talents with the overall goal of creating lifelong connections between faculty, students, and alumni.

The committee consists of alumni councilors, the faculty representative to the Alumni Council, a representative of the Provost's office, the Dean of Graduate Studies, and a representative of the Dean of the Faculty.

Arakelian, Anoush
Anoush Arakelian '14

Peter Greulich '79 P'10

Roger Hanlon '60 TH'61

Nahoko Kawakyu-O'Connor '99

Kendra Quincy Knauf '02 - Chair

Jon Kull '88

Jana Landon '11

Larry Langford '67

Jim Latham '64

Woody Lee '68

Deborah Logan '84 TU'91

Alyssa Loyless '17

Julie Mannes '86 P'16 P'17 P'20

Erik Ochsner '93

Alison Reed '06

Enrico Riley '95

Sarah Sliva '03

Barry Smith '59 MED'60

George Springsteen '80

Nancy Vespoli '77 P'13

Barry Weeks
Barrett Weeks '72

Sarah Woodberry
Sarah Woodberry '87

Alicia Wright – Liaison

Vanessa Paster '00