Class Awards 2013
Dartmouth College

Recognizes with Deep Appreciation
the Extraordinary Achievements of

David Halloran '53
2013 Class Webmaster of the Year

What makes for a great class website? The easy answer is a full suite of features and functions, such as an events calendar, dues payment tool, and links to the Dartmouth College Fund and other College-sponsored sites.

The Class of 1953's website takes a different approach. It consists of only six pages. But with just those six pages, your website has what nearly all other class websites lack: a sense of community, history, and friendship. The result is an elegant class website that has the power to choke up even the most casual site visitor.

Your class website's welcoming home page invites one to explore the rich content that includes:

  • extensive archives of past newsletters and Dartmouth Alumni Magazine class notes and articles;
  • galleries of photos, old and new; and
  • audio recordings from the April 1953 "Hums" competition!

Your website is heartwarming and inspiring. We would expect nothing less from the most honored class in Dartmouth's history, and from a webmaster who has given decades of service to the College and to his classmates.

David, your brilliantly genuine class website should inspire all classes to expand the definition of what a class website can be. Your many contributions to your class, to the Dartmouth Class Webmasters Association, and to Dartmouth College are greatly appreciated. We congratulate you on being named 2013 Class Webmaster of the Year.