Class Awards 2013

Dartmouth College
Recognizes with Deep Appreciation
the Extraordinary Achievements of

The Class of 1988
Special Recognition for Strategic and Personal Class Communications Plan

With good ol' paper, envelopes and stamps the Class of 1988 leadership is reaching out to classmates with great success. Recognizing the milestones and small victories of life, the '88 class steward wrote 58 notes to classmates in the past year. These notes, added to a robust mix of all class communications, is proving a vibrant mix in keeping '88 connected to each other and to the College.

A Google doc used by all class communicators keeps track of who has been noted in the past year and when class communications will be received. Whether an email, a class newsletter, a Dartmouth Alumni Magazine column or a Dartmouth College Fund communication, timing is known and those celebrated and those receiving the publication are noted.

Bravo on this mix of the traditional and innovative in keeping classmates connected to each other and to the College!