Dartmouth Alumni Awards
Danielle A. Dyer '81, '89Tu: Dartmouth Alumni Award Recipient, 2014-15

danielledyerDanielle A. Dyer '81, '89Tu (left) was presented the 2014-15 Dartmouth Alumni Award by Lou Spelios '95, president of the Alumni Council, at the 209th Alumni Council Session on October 24, 2014.
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The youngest of five children in a large Canadian family, you were born with a fabulous disposition and an infectious smile. At a young age, your family relocated from Montreal to New York City--a major step in your journey to Dartmouth. Your mother was the business manager of the Packer Collegiate Institute, where you attended school. Fortunately for Dartmouth, you often accompanied her to meetings at the office of the school's board chair, John Zimmerman '32, '33Tu. John noticed you looking at the photos of Dartmouth Hall and the Homecoming bonfire that decorated his walls. He patiently explained to you that these were photos of his alma mater. Although it was not available to women at that time, he hoped that it would be by the time you applied to college. Shortly thereafter, that is exactly what happened! John was proud of you, became a lifelong friend and mentor, and even accompanied your family to your Dartmouth graduation.

To say you thrived at Dartmouth is a serious understatement. Although you had never rowed crew before, you decided to try this sport that would become a lifelong passion. You sang with both the Glee Club and the Handel Society, served as vice president of the Dartmouth Rowing Club and editor of Crew Notes magazine, advised your peer students as Woodward Hall dorm chair, and participated in the Daniel Webster Society and the Casque and Gauntlet senior society. You served as assistant press secretary for New York state senate candidate Elizabeth Holtzman, participated on the Language Study Abroad program in Quebec, worked as a Mobil Oil Corporation government relations intern in New York City, and conducted research focusing on the papers and letters of Daniel Webster for professor of history Charles Wiltse. Graduating with distinction in your combined major of English and urban studies, you were honored as a Rufus Choate Scholar and a member of the Ivy League Athletic Honor Roll.

You married another rower on the Dartmouth crew team, Alec Kloman '80, '86GSM in the summer of 1982, and returned to Hanover so that Alec could begin medical school at Dartmouth. You worked at WTSL radio, winning a United Press International Award for excellence, and as an assistant director of capital giving at Dartmouth. Then it was your turn to pursue your graduate studies at the Tuck School of Business. Following your Tuck School graduation, you launched a successful career as a consultant and managing director in the health care industry. In New York City, Chicago, and Massachusetts, you worked for APM/CSC Healthcare, LLC, before launching your own firm, D2 Consulting, LLC. Navigant Consulting, Inc. purchased your firm and you now serve as a managing director in Navigant's health care practice.

Throughout, you always remembered the impact that John Zimmerman's dedication to Dartmouth had on your life. In fact, the majority of your volunteerism has been on behalf of our alma mater. The list of your volunteer leadership roles is diverse and deep. For the great Class of 1981, you have served as president, mini-reunion chair, participation and leadership agent, reunion co-chair, and as a member of the reunion giving committee. You represented the Tuck School on the Alumni Council; chaired the Enrollment and Admissions, the Executive, and the Alumni Liaison Committees; were elected president of the Alumni Council; and served as a member of the Honorary Degrees Committee, the Nominating and Alumni Trustee Search Committee, and the Ad Hoc Committee on Diversity and Inclusion. In addition, you were a member of the Ad Hoc Fraternity Review Committee, an alumni advisor to the Casque and Gauntlet senior society, and currently serve as a Friends of Dartmouth Rowing volunteer. As you say, "even on my worst and busiest days, the thing I look forward to the most is doing something for Dartmouth."

No less committed to your local community, you have also been a director of the Lenox Library, a member of Lenox Middle/High School search committees, a director of Planned Parenthood of Western Massachusetts, and a founding member of the Lenox Soccer Club and the Friends of Berkshire School Rowing.

Of course, your life has room for plenty of play. The Dyer-Kloman union produced two fabulous children, Storey '17 and Will. This past summer you were so proud to row with Alec and Will (together in one boat, for the first time) at the Prouty fundraiser in Hanover. Skiing, hiking, or rowing: it's challenging to keep up with this vibrant household!

Always positive and energetic, you epitomize the Walt Whitman saying, "Keep your face toward the sunshine--and shadows will fall behind you." You are one of the sunniest Dartmouth volunteers we know, and in recognition of your extraordinary dedication to your career, your community, and your College, we are so very pleased to honor you with the presentation of the Dartmouth Alumni Award.