CAGOW 2014
Meredith Raucher `06

Dartmouth Club President of the Year 2013

"You manage things; you lead people." Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper probably wasn't discussing the management of an alumni club when she made this statement; however, it describes Meredith Raucher's approach to the presidency of the Dartmouth Club of Maryland perfectly. She is definitely "managing" and "leading" well as is evidenced by the Club being named the 2013 Large Club of the Year.

Despite her youthfulness, Meredith has already served in four different club officer roles; newsletter editor, young alumni chair, social chair and now president. Her approach to each task is methodical, creative and determined. Meredith likes to be involved and engaged. Her student activities at Dartmouth were a strong indicator of this drive; she was a member of Epsilon Kappa Theta sorority (aka Kappa Alpha Theta), Phoenix, the Subtleties and Hillel.

As president, Meredith leads a Board of Directors representing classes from 1967 to 2011. This kind of age diversity can pose difficulties for a leader, especially in a small organization. However, Meredith values everyone's opinion and creates a welcoming atmosphere which allows the club to embrace and celebrate different ideas and approaches. As a result, the Dartmouth Club of Maryland has experienced a renaissance and an infusion of energy over the past two years under her guidance.

Meredith is a born leader and Dartmouth is proud to recognize her as an outstanding Big Green volunteer.

For her tremendous efforts this past year and for all that she does for Dartmouth, please join me in recognizing Meredith Raucher `06 as the 2013 Club President of the Year.