Association of Alumni Executive Committee
Conference Call
October 22, 2019
1 – 2 PM ET

Participants: Cheryl Bascomb, Bob Charles, Budge Gere, Steve Geanacopoulos, Louisa Guthrie, Lee Merkle-Raymond, David Millane, Liz Nunez, Meg Ramsden, Angela Stafford

President of the AOA Louisa Guthrie opened the conference call. She thanked the Alumni Relations team for organizing the 219th meeting of the Dartmouth Alumni Council. The AOA executive committee was represented by Louisa as president of the AOA, and Luke Antal and Kalina Newmark as vice presidents. Highlights included presentations by President Hanlon, Dean Coffin, and faculty and students who participated in the Earth Sciences’ department off-campus program, the Stretch.

David Millane moved to approve the minutes of the conference call that had been held on June 4, 2019. Bob Charles seconded the motion. The minutes were unanimously approved.

Louisa Guthrie gave a report from the Association of Alumni Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee consists of Louisa Guthrie, Budge Gere, Kyle Huebner, Jamila Ma and Kalina Newmark. They held a conference call on September 11. All current Association of Alumni Officers and Executive Committee members who are eligible to serve another term will remain on the nominated slate. Luke Antal, Bob Charles, Steve Geanacopoulos, Budge Gere, Kyle Huebner, Lee Merkle-Raymond, David Millane, Kalina Newmark, and Angela Stafford will continue on the AOA in the coming year. Committee members Louisa Guthrie and Jamila Ma will complete their terms this year. The Nominating Committee will invite two alumni to be on the nominated slate to replace them. The Executive Committee shared feedback with the Nominating Committee regarding suggestions about individuals to consider for these vacancies, and those recommendations were endorsed after a discussion about the process continuing to build the pipeline of candidates. These invitations will be extended as soon as possible so that the nominated slate can be posted online by November 18, 2019.

Louisa Guthrie gave a report from the Association of Alumni Balloting Committee. The Balloting Committee consists of Louisa Guthrie (chair, as required by the Association of Alumni constitution); Luke Antal, Steve Geanacopoulos and Angela Stafford. They held a conference call on September 9. The VoxtheVote website has been updated with information pertaining to this year’s timeline and potential election. The timeline was posted on the VoxtheVote website and the Association of Alumni website and announced in a news item on October 11. The committee approved the same word count limitations for all candidates as in the 2010-2019 elections which are a 400 word statement and bio combination for each officer and a 250 word statement and bio combination for each executive committee member. The nominated AOA slate will be posted online by November 18, 2019. The deadline for petition candidates to file the necessary signatures to run is December 12, 2019. An email notification will be sent to alumni on December 13, 2019 informing them about the Association of Alumni nominated slate and any petition candidates if they have filed to run. 

The Alumni Council voted to approve three alumni-nominated trustee candidates at their meeting on October 19. The three candidates were announced to all alumni on October 21 via email and hard copy postcard. Requests for paper ballots and petition trustee candidate nominations will be accepted through December 20, 2019. If the election is contested, the Association of Alumni will administer an election with balloting conducted via email unless a paper ballot is requested. The AOA approved a 700 word statement and biography combination for alumni trustee candidates to be posted on the VoxtheVote website.

Meg Ramsden reviewed the Association of Alumni timeline that is posted online. The annual meeting of the Association of Alumni will be held in Hanover at 12 noon ET on Wednesday, March 18, 2020. Committee members are invited to participate in person or via conference call.

There will be a tentative conference call scheduled for the Association of Alumni Executive Committee during the week of December 16.

Submitted by,

Meg Ramsden

Associate Director, Alumni Leadership