May 16–18, 2019

Eric C. Taylor ’84 P’19, chair of the Enrollment and Admissions Committee, and Nicole Moser ’89, vice chair, opened the session by welcoming all members. The spring meeting featured a series of updates from the admissions office and the admissions ambassador program, including from Lee Coffin ’89a, dean of admissions and financial aid, and Meg Lysy ’99, director of the Admissions Ambassador Program (AAP). The meeting included a feedback session on member experiences with the AAP this past year. A standout of the discussion is how effective the Admitted Student Events (ASE) are for recruiting students to Dartmouth. Two District Enrollment Directors (DEDs) who live in CA stated the importance of these events, especially when yielding students and parents who live across the country from NH. The yield on students who attend an ASE is 87.6 percent. Lee Coffin provided an overview of the admissions season and the effectiveness of the “sense of place” branding. Admissions is incorporating faculty into as many programs and events as they can, and students are responsive. Prospective students also seek authentic content from their peers, so the admissions social media is largely curated by current students.

The committee unanimously elected Colleen Haskell ’94 to the role of Vice Chair of the committee. Colleen has been an admissions volunteer since graduation and has also served as the president of the Long Island club for 7 years and has organized the Long Island admitted student event. Nicole Moser ’89 will serve as chair.