May 16–18, 2019

At its May meeting the Alumni and Student Engagement Committee reviewed the progress made since November toward its goal of engaging recent graduates and students and better connecting them with alumni through the work of the Alumni Relations Office. The committee has two working groups this year that have focused on: 1) one-on-one connections and developing a case study around the Class Connections program between the classes of 1969 and 2019; and 2) place-based connections providing opportunities for alumni-study connections around FSPs, LSAs, and study abroad programs. Each group provided a status update on their work so far this year; however, the rest of the meeting delved into the work of the second group with the committee welcoming guest speakers including faculty directors of FSPs and LSAs and students recently returning to Hanover from programs abroad. The committee had the chance to learn more about their programs and ask questions about study abroad today and the available opportunities for alumni to engage with and assist what is already underway. At the close of the meeting, the group reviewed next steps for the next six weeks to conclude the group’s work by the end of June, and thanked councilors and committee leaders ending their terms. Amanda Rosenblum ’07 was confirmed as vice chair, and Karyn Calcano ’87 Tu’91 will serve as chair.