May 18–20, 2017

Committee chair Monica Higgins welcomed the Alumni Service Committee and thanked everyone for their hard work to make the third annual Dartmouth Alumni Day of Service a success. Monica reviewed the purpose and history of the committee revolving around the idea of service. There was a debrief of the service projects and a discussion of the sites and alumni participation.  Monica showed a map indicating the site locations throughout the United States; there were approximately 45 service sites this year, 11 more than in 2016.  Final participation numbers are still being tallied. All site coordinators will be surveyed.

A discussion about regarding moving forward with the Alumni Day of Service followed, focused on strategy and engagement. Monica proposed that the Alumni Day of Service and the Alumni Service Committee are a catalyst for engagement and support the college in its mission and service. She recommended that, next year, the committee should consider its charter and mission. Rachel Bogardus Drew ’98 was elected as the new vice chair and Jennifer Hughes will serve as the liaison of the committee and the college’s service initiatives.