October 20-22, 2016

Committee Vice Chair Alec Casey ’88 opened the meeting and welcomed committee members.

Alec introduced Tricia McKeon, director of alumni relations communications and secretary of the committee; and Courtney Cania, senior web producer, for a presentation on the newly launched Dartmouth Alumni Relations website. The committee learned about the research and discovery process, the building and migration of content, and the goals of making the site welcoming and accessible for all alumni. Discussion centered around use of the site’s new tools, how alumni sentiment factored into the creative process, and ongoing plans for measurement and usability studies.

Jean Romeo, director of market research, presented results from a recent Moosilauke Forum survey that captured data on “alumni perspectives on staying informed and engaging with the administration.” The survey, which captured perspectives from 1,097 alumni respondents, examined how alumni stay informed about Dartmouth. Jean then discussed an opportunity for the committee to become involved in early testing of new digital products and communications.

Alec then led the committee through a discussion on how best to engage with the alumni body about the role and responsibilities of the Alumni Council. The committee utilized the survey results to inform their discussion on how councilors can more efficiently and effectively communicate with their constituents. The committee decided to continue the conversation at the Spring 2017 meeting.