May 15–17, 2014

The Alumni Liaison Committee (ALC) met in Hanover twice during the 208th Alumni Council meeting. Its first meeting was held on Thursday, May 15. Committee chair Marty Lempres ’84 opened the meeting. Committee members discussed feedback received from alumni through their alumni councilors to date and email volumes by category. Next on the agenda was a discussion about the format and timeline for the production of the 2013-14 annual report, which will be shared with the Board of Trustees and posted online for all alumni. It was decided that, in addition to the annual report, the committee will also provide the Board of Trustees’ Advancement Committee, with short quarterly reports throughout the year. President-Elect Lou Spelios ’95 reported the findings of the social media working group. Vice President for Alumni Relations Martha Beattie ’76 provided an update on the Moosilauke Forum, which is a research panel composed of approximately 2500 alumni who will participate in monthly surveys on a wide variety of topics. The first survey will be conducted in the summer. The committee concluded the meeting with a review of the agenda for their next meeting which would take place on Saturday morning with President Hanlon and trustee Bill Burgess ’81.

The second meeting was held on May 17, with trustee Bill Burgess ’81 and President Hanlon. Alumni Council president Mark Davis ’81 ’86Tu provided a recap of the 208th Alumni Council meeting. The committee discussed the April Summit and the work of the Presidential Steering Committee on Moving Dartmouth Forward. They noted that councilors were pleased to have the opportunity to participate in breakout discussion groups the day before to discuss the issues being addressed by the Presidential Steering Committee and to provide the committee with their feedback and recommendations. A discussion followed about some of the feedback that resulted from the breakout groups. The committee discussed additional potential actions that councilors could take to support the work of the Presidential Steering Committee (for example, hold conference calls with the executive committees of their constituencies to gather more alumni feedback). The meeting concluded with a discussion pertaining to high risk student behavior on campus.