Sarah Jackson-Han ’88, chair of the committee, opened the meeting and Lynne Gaudet ’81, director of alumni leadership, reported the following metrics, as outlined by the standardized meeting agenda that was approved at the fall committee meeting:

  • The 201st Alumni Council meeting summary had been completed by Debbie Atuk ’04Tu and distributed to all councilors. Jackson-Han and Atuk will work together to compose the 202nd Alumni Council meeting summary.
  • Ninety-seven out of 106 councilors who have an identified constituency sent out a 201st post-meeting report; 95 percent of the councilors used the prepared summary in some fashion within their report
  • Eighteen councilors sent a pre-meeting notice before the 202nd Alumni Council meeting.
  • The vast majority of councilors are communicating via emails to their constituencies. In addition, there are approximately five to six class representatives who include their reports in their class newsletters as well as sending it out via email.

The committee will be involved with the orientation session for new councilors once again next fall. The committee will continue to report during the Saturday morning plenary (with the other council committees), but the Executive Committee might also want to consider asking the Communications Committee to make a presentation regarding new media communications (Facebook, Twitter, websites, etc.). The Communications Committee might also want to consider creating a subcommittee to design a survey that could be conducted with SurveyMonkey and would poll alumni councilors regarding communications with their constituencies.

Michael Backman, director of information resources, made a PowerPoint presentation providing an update on alumni relations technical services. He said that alumni relations would be moving to iModules, replacing Harris, and would work on templates in July and August.

Diana Lawrence, director of alumni relations communications, made a PowerPoint presentation about blogs.

The committee elected Jay Benson ’90 ’96Tu to serve as vice chair of the committee. Derek Symer ’90 will be the chair.