Projects well-suited for families:

  • Work in a garden or on a farm
  • Serve in a soup kitchen or shelter (depending on requirements)
  • Lend a local environmental group a hand with a project
  • Community park, trail, or beach cleanup

Projects that might tap into your specific skills:

  • Tutor kids or families at a local community center, church, or library
  • Help a local nonprofit with strategic or administrative work
  • Conduct a half day college essay-writing or application workshop
  • Conduct a half day financial aid application workshop
  • Conduct a seminar on financial literacy for students or local residents
  • Conduct a career exploration day at a high school or middle school
  • Conduct a tech day for kids
  • Conduct a seminar on how to start a business
  • Conduct a seminar on startups and entrepreneurship
  • Participate in a local free legal clinic
  • Conduct a seminar on empowering girls
  • Run a 5K or attend a dance-a-thon for charity
  • Bake/prepare foods for donation (or sale with proceeds going to charity)
  • Work on knitting or sewing projects for the homeless or babies in the NICU

Projects that might work from afar:

  • Tutoring or mentoring high school students online
  • Organizing assistance for victims of disasters near or far
  • Sending care packages/thank you letters to service people overseas
  • Sponsoring someone else involved in a service activity

Projects that involve donating resources:

  • Collect household items or clothes for a local food bank, shelter, religious or community organization
  • As a club or group, adopt a local school
  • Collect books and donate them to a school or library

Projects that are more labor-intensive:

  • Participate in a Habitat for Humanityproject
  • Contribute to a barn raising or renewal project for a community or nonprofit organization
  • Contribute painting or handy-person work through a neighborhood organization