Association of Alumni Executive Committee
Conference Call
Thursday, November 7, 2013
12 - 1 PM ET


John "J.B." Daukas (president), Gersh Abraham, Martha Beattie, Pete Bleyler, Belinda Chiu, Karen Francis-DeGolia, Mark Harty, Gary Love, Kate Strayer-Benton, Lynne Gaudet (secretary)

John "J.B." Daukas opened the call.

1. Approval of October 16, 2013 minutes

The committee approved the minutes of the October 16, 2013 Association of Alumni Executive Committee conference call.

2. Nominating Committee Report

In the absence of Nominating Committee chair Jeff Crowe, J.B. Daukas reported that Mark Harty (executive committee), Karen Francis-DeGolia (executive committee), and Martha Beattie (secretary/treasurer) have agreed to run again in the next election. J.B. Daukas presented the entire nominated slate of the executive committee:

  • President : Susan Finegan '85
  • 1st Vice-President: Alec Casey '88
  • 2nd Vice-President : Bob Higgins '81
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Martha Beattie '76
  • Executive Committee:
    • Lorraine Buhannic '07
    • Karen Francis-DeGolia '84
    • Mark Harty '73
    • Amy Henry '97
    • Ken Johansen '60, '62Th
    • Paul Killebrew '67
    • Andrew Son '09

3. Ballot Committee Report

J.B. Daukas reported that the Ballot Committee met by phone on October 28, 2013. The VoxtheVote website is up and running, and will be updated soon. The Ballot Committee will keep the same statement/bio combined word length and photo criteria as in the 2010-2013 elections. The committee is working on the layout of the ballot, and more specifically the presentation of the constitutional amendment.

TrueBallot, Inc. has been contacted and will handle the election process. Belinda Chiu has agreed to represent the Ballot Committee for the paper ballot count in Bethesda, Maryland on March 12th. Lynne Gaudet will represent the College.

4. 207th Alumni Council Meeting

J.B. Daukas updated the committee members on the presentation he made to the Alumni Council during the 207th meeting at their plenary session on October 26th. J.B. Daukas will continue to work on the constitutional amendment explanation and will send it to the committee members.

5. Other business

Lynne Gaudet will ask Sue Finegan if she wants to schedule a brief conference call with everybody on the nominated slate. Lynne Gaudet reminded members of the Balloting Committee of their conference call the next day, October 8, 2013.

The conference call concluded.

Submitted by,
Olivier Gilloux
Administrative Assistant, Alumni Leadership