Association of Alumni Executive Committee
Conference Call
Friday, March 22, 2013
Noon - 1 PM ET

Participants: John "J.B." Daukas, president; Gersh Abraham; Gary Love; Belinda Chiu; Karen Francis-DeGolia; Martha Beattie; Lynne Gaudet; Meg Ramsden

John "JB" Daukas opened the call and welcomed the newly formed executive committee.

JB Daukas reported on the AOA Annual Meeting that was held in Hanover on Saturday, March 16.

The committee approved the 3/16/13 AOA annual meeting minutes. The committee approved the 11/14/12 Executive Committee conference call minutes

The committee discussed the possibility of proposing an Association of Alumni constitutional amendment pertaining to uncontested elections. The committee discussed the options available and the costs associated with a partial paper and electronic election, a 100% electronic election, and no election. JB Daukas will make a presentation about this topic to the Alumni Council at their upcoming 206th meeting to be held in Hanover in May. He will gather their feedback and share it with the Association of Alumni Executive Committee.

The proposed constitutional amendment would be placed on the ballot for next year's Association of Alumni election (Winter, 2014) so that alumni could vote on it.

The conference call was adjourned.

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Lynne Gaudet '81
Director, Alumni Leadership