Thomas Luxon, Professor of English

The entire Outlander series of novels (eight of them) by Diana Gabaldon:

These books whisk you away to another world—indeed several other worlds—more successfully than most I have read. Some of the main characters are time-travellers, so these count as historical novels, with a high level of historical accuracy. At the same time they are also fantasy and science fiction. And did I mention the hot sex scenes?! Be warned, though, there is also a lot of pretty graphic violence. We meet our main character, Claire Randall, just as World War II comes to a close. She has been a battlefield nurse in Europe, and her husband a soldier. They go to Scotland, Inverness to be precise, for a postponed honeymoon and while strolling in a stone circle on the wrong (right?) day of the year, she is whisked off to the highlands of 1743. At first she thinks she's landed on a movie set, but we know different. In the run-up to the ’45 Jacobite Rebellion, she meets the love of her life: tall, red-haired, Jamie Fraser, Laird of Lallybroch. The eight-novel saga takes us across the seas and across the ages with characters we grow to love, almost as much as they love each other.