Listen to a brand-new podcast series from Dartmouth Alumni Relations exploring the November election with Dartmouth faculty experts and dynamic alumni special guests. New episodes will be released regularly as we count down to November 3, 2020.

Hosted by Mike Mastanduno, The Nelson A. Rockefeller Professor of Government and former dean of the faculty.



Episode 1: Campaigning and Voting During COVID-19

Join us for a discussion on remote campaigning, unprecedented conventions, and mail-in voting with Democratic communications strategist Lis Smith '05 and Linda Fowler, Professor of Government and the Frank J. Reagan Chair in Policy Studies, Emerita.

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Episode 2: Covering Campaigns in the Virtual World

CNN Chief Washington Correspondent Jake Tapper '91 and Professor of Government Brendan Nyhan explore "fake news" and how the media has adapted to covering the presidency and the 2020 Election. Featuring opinion commentary by Jamal Brown '08.

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Episode 3: Race and Religion in the 2020 Election

Listen in as Dartmouth faculty experts and alumni discuss the nature of voting blocks in the 2020 presidential election. Featuring the John Phillips Professor in Religion Randall Balmer and faith leader and former Democratic National Convention CEO Leah Daughtry '84.

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Episode 4: Drawing Parallels to the COVID Economy

Former Republican senator and Tuck School of Business senior fellow Senator Judd Gregg HON'89,'06 and Rockefeller Center for Public Policy senior lecturer and fellow Charlie Wheelan '88 examine the lessons learned from the global financial crisis and discuss how today’s economy is affecting the 2020 presidential race. With young alumni opinion commentary by Bryan Proctor TU'20.

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Episode 5: SCOTUS and the Election

Former Obama administration Acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal '91 and former Bush administration Solicitor General Gregory Garre '87 join Professor Sonu Bedi for a conversation on the past, present, and future of the Supreme Court. Also featuring Tobi Young '98, 2018-2019 SCOTUS clerk to Neil Gorsuch and former board secretary of the George W. Bush Presidential Center.

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Episode 6: The Science of Pandemic Response

Join Georgetown University and Smithsonian Institution professor and scholar Daniel Lucey ’77 MED’81 in conversation with Geisel School of Medicine and Thayer School of Engineering professor Kendall Hoyt for a discussion on the world's response to COVID-19 and pandemics past and future. Lucey is an infectious disease expert and "epidemic chaser," as described in a recent Financial Times article, who has traveled the world to get to the source of diseases like HIV, SARS, and Ebola. Hoyt is an authority on bioterrorism, technology, and vaccine development and is a member of the Global Health Security Initiative at Dartmouth's Dickey Center for International Understanding.

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Stay tuned for more post-election content as we explore the future of U.S. foreign relations and examine the 2020 election in historic context.