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Experience the magic of eight European countries on this ever-enthralling journey, immersing yourself in everything from medieval villages to wine-soaked landscapes, elegant estates to magnificent natural wonders. Stay in Prague, Czech Republic, sail the Danube River where stories are etched around every bend, and finish your adventure in Sofia, Bulgaria. Discover prestigious destinations, traditional foods and centuries-old cities filled with timeless charms. Plus, you can personalize your journey with thoughtfully planned tours that showcase the region's indelible wonders! 

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Day 1: Depart
Day 2: Arrive Prague
Day 3: Prague
Day 4: Prague
Day 5: Prague / Passau / Embark Ship
Day 6: Melk / Dürnstein
Day 7: Vienna
Day 8: Bratislava
Day 9: Budapest
Day 10: Pécs / Osijek / Vukovar
Day 11: Belgrade
Day 12: Iron Gate Gorge
Day 13: Vidin / Disembark Ship / Sofia
Day 14: Sofia
Day 15: Depart

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Mona Domosh & Frank Magilligan

Mona Domosh is Professor of Geography and holds the Joan P. and Edward J. Foley Jr. 1933 Professorship at Dartmouth College. She is also the Director of the Society of Fellows postdoctoral program at Dartmouth. Prof. Domosh is a cultural-historical geographer with research interests in understanding the relationships between different gendered, racialized and classed formations and urban design, form and function. Her recent research focuses on the networks of institutions and individuals who created and maintained what became known as the Black Belt of Chicago - the South Side neighborhood that was home to Chicago’s Black community – in the first decades of the 20th-century. She teaches classes in urban and cultural geography and is interested in expanding her analyses by traveling and interrogating different cities around the world.  

Frank J. Magilligan is the Frank J. Reagon ‘09 Chair of Policy Studies, Professor of Geography and Adjunct Professor of Earth Sciences at Dartmouth College. Prof. Magilligan’s teaching and research interests focus primarily on the biophysical and social aspects of watershed management. In particular, his research addresses stream channel and watershed response to environmental change – whether that change is generated by nature (e.g. climate change) or anthropogenic (e.g. agriculture, grazing, or logging) causes. Currently he is focused on the links between channel processes and riparian ecology, especially the role of dams – and their subsequent removal – on aquatic and floodplain ecological integrity. He received a Guggenheim Award to expand this work to examine the intersection of science and politics of river restoration in the United States. He has conducted international field work in the Peruvian Atacama Desert investigating the long-term evolution of El Niño floods and the regional relationship between climate change and cultural history.  

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