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Journey from the old-world sophistication of Portugal and the artistic verve of Spain's Basque country to the Celtic heritage of northwestern France and the regal majesty of London along Europe's Atlantic coastline. Visit the Neoclassical palaces, medieval castles, and Romanesque cathedrals that illuminate the enduring cultural legaices of European Coastal Civilizations that have played a pivotal role in world history. This popular program features an included cultural excursion in each port, granting each traveler the opportunity to explore sites of historical and social importance. The program also includes a trip to the solemn shores of Normandy to honor and remember the historic D-Day invasion and features special guest speaker David Eisenhower, grandson of General and President Dwight D. Eisenhower--Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces during World War II. In all, the European Coastal Civilizations program offers travelers a glimpse into the complex histories of the peoples and cultures that ultimately gave way to modern Europe. 

Program Highlights: 

  • Visit three UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the monastery of Mont-Saint-Michel, the Christian world's third holiest city of Santiago de Compostela, and Oporto, the center of world-famous port wite and Moorish-influenced architecture
  • Tour Frank Gehry's visionary Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao
  • Spend the night a stone's throw from the Tower Bridge in the Heart of London
  • Enjoy exclusive lectures while cruising the Bay of Biscay
  • Explore Oporto, center of the port wine trade and home to lasting displays of its Celtic, Roman, and Moorish history
  • Journey to the Gothic Igreja de São Francisco, hailed for its lavish gold-plated Baroque interior
  • Delight in the Neoclassical Palácio da Bolsa, where the swirling arabesques and ornate stained glass of the gilded Arabian Hall were inspired by the Alhambra in Granada
  • Behold the soaring spires, serene cloisters, barrel-roofed monastic sites, and Salle des Hôtes in Mont-Saint-Michel
  • Walk to the historic Normandy beaches, the site of the largest seaborne invasion in history, and learn about the battle from Professor Eisenhower
Event Itinerary 

Optional Pre-Tour: Old World Lisbon

Day 1 & 2: Depart US / Arrive Lisbon, Portugal
Day 3: Leixões for Oporto
Day 4: A Coruña, Spain, for Santiago de Compostela
Day 5: Santander for Bilbao
Day 6: Saint-Malo, France, for Mont-Saint-Michel
Day 7: Caen for the Normandy Beaches
Day 8: Cruising the English Channel / River Thames, London, England
Day 9: London / Depart for US

Optional Post-Tour: London's Enduring History

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Thomas P. Gohagan & Company
Portugal Balem Tower
France Honfleur
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