Unlock the secrets of one of the most storied civilizations of the Middle Ages on this deluxe, eight-night cruise through the Strait of Gibraltar, featuring Portugal’s breathtaking Algarve coast and the Iberian Peninsula. Visit seven spectacular port cities— Lisbon; Portimão; Seville; Tangier; Malaga; Valencia; and Tarragona. Highlights include a guided tour of the walled port town of Lagos, a visit to the fortified, 11th century Royal Alcázar of Seville palace and a choice of excursions in the ancient port city of Tangier. Explore the sprawling, UNESCO-designated Alhambra palace and its Generalife gardens and opt to taste paella in the sun-kissed Valencia. Visit Antoni Gaudí’s UNESCO-designated Basílica de la Sagrada Família in Barcelona and enjoy a panoramic tour of this legendary metropolis. Cross two continents, discover iconic Moorish landmarks, see world-renowned architecture and savor the flavors of this remarkable region on this one-of-a-kind itinerary. 

Event Itinerary 
  • Welcome reception
  • Port of Lagos 
  • Statue of Infante Dom Henrique 
  • Church of San Antonio 
  • Mercado de Escravos 
  • Royal Alcázar of Seville 
  • Cathedral of Seville 
  • Walking tour of Tangier 
  • Tangier's kasbah 
  • Petit Socco 
  • Tangier-American Legation Museum 
  • Moroccan cooking demonstration 
  • Choice of Medina Visit or Caves of Hercules 
  • The Alhambra 
  • Medieval fortress of the Nasrid dynasty 
  • Day at sea 
  • Choice of Market Visit/Paella Cooking Class or History/Architecture Tour 
  • Captain's farewell reception
  • Basílica de la Sagrada Família 
  • Arrive in home city

**Pricing Subject to change - See Operator Terms & Conditions** 

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Rebecca Biron
Rebecca Biron

Rebecca E. Biron joined the Department of Spanish and Portuguese and the Program in Comparative Literature at Dartmouth in 2006, after having taught at the University of Miami, Emory University, and the University of Iowa. Her research and teaching interests focus on Latin American literary and cultural studies, literary theory, gender studies, and Mexican cultural criticism. She has published widely on the relationship between narrative and violence as it pertains to masculinity, Latin American urban history, and Mexican literature and film. Professor Biron served as Dartmouth's Dean of the College from 2015-2018. She has chaired the Dartmouth program in Latin American/Latino/Caribbean Studies. She directed the degree programs in Latin American Studies and was Faculty Coordinator of Interdisciplinary Studies. 

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