The Leslie Center presents a virtual series of eight discussions with poets, journalists, editors, and translators from Ukraine.

This event will be livestreamed.

Oleh Kotsarev (b. 1981, Kharkiv) is a writer, journalist, literary critic, and translator. He is the author of many poetry books, a book of short prose, and the novel The People in The Nests (2017). His newest poetry collection is The Contents of Men's Pockets (2021). Kotsarev's works have been translated into many languages and published in national and international magazines and anthologies. He is a member of PEN Ukraine and a recipient of literary awards and translation prizes.

Oleksandr Kabanov (b. 1968, Kherson) is a Kyiv-based Ukrainian poet, editor, blogger, and public figure. He writes in Russian and Ukrainian. He has authored 15 books of poems and many publications in Ukrainian and international media sources, for which he has received awards both in Ukraine and internationally. Kabanov's poems have been translated into many languages, including Belarusian, Tatar, Georgian, Udmurt, Polish, Serbian, Finnish, Dutch, Italian and Hebrew (among others).

Series Dates

  • Volodymyr Rafeyenko & Lyubko Deresh – Thursday, January 12
  • Borys Previr & Hanna Leliv (Dartmouth / Leslie Center) – Thursday, January 26
  • Lesyk Panasiuk & Anastasia Afanasieva – Thursday, February 9
  • Elina Sventsytska & Maria Galina, Thursday – February 23