• President Beilock accepting the college charter during her inaguration ceremony

    Announcing a Presidential Welcome Tour

    Monday, October 23, 2023
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Dartmouth is excited to announce the launch of an international tour to welcome and introduce its 19th president, Sian Leah Beilock. This tour, spanning locations across the United States as well as London, is a unique opportunity for alumni, students, faculty, and the entire Dartmouth community to get to know President Beilock. Attendees will learn about her vision and understand the areas of focus that will shape the institution's future.

A distinguished scholar and visionary leader, President Beilock brings with her a wealth of higher education experience and a deep commitment to fostering academic excellence and community engagement. Her arrival signals a new era:  President Beilock is the first woman to have been elected president by the Dartmouth Board of Trustees in the school’s first 254 years.

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Discovering President Beilock's Vision

During the tour, President Beilock will outline her wide-ranging vision for the university’s future. Alumni will gain insight into the strategic initiatives that will shape Dartmouth’s path forward.

As part of the tour, President Beilock will delve into her key areas of focus, which she outlined in her inaugural address

  • Fostering mental health and wellness across campus
  • Creating “brave spaces” for open dialogue about challenging topics
  • Strengthening our community’s lifelong bonds with Dartmouth, particularly to promote  professional and career development
  • Becoming a real carbon zero campus to minimize Dartmouth’s contribution to global climate change and advance sustainability
  • Unleashing the intellectual firepower of faculty, students, and alumni to drive innovation and impact

The tour is an invaluable opportunity for our global Dartmouth community to meet President Beilock in person, engage in meaningful conversations, and reconnect with old friends. Her accessibility and willingness to meet with our alumni base emphasize her commitment to building a stronger, more interconnected community for all of our alumni and families.

—Cheryl Bascomb, Vice President for Alumni Relations

Get to Know President Beilock

President Beilock, a renowned academic in the field of brain science and seasoned leader in higher education, has dedicated her career to helping institutions of higher education reach their full potential. Her impressive background includes serving at several prestigious institutions and contributing significantly to groundbreaking research in her field of brain science and the phenomenon of “choking under pressure.” She brings with her a passion for student success, faculty collaboration, and community outreach, which will undoubtedly enrich Dartmouth’s future.

Before her role at Dartmouth, President Beilock was the eighth president of Barnard College at Columbia University, where she spearheaded successful initiatives in several vital areas. One focus area was to support STEM research and teaching programs to expand Barnard’s existing place as a leader in the liberal arts. Beilock also led the Feel Well, Do Well initiative to improve campus health and wellness.

Prior to taking the helm at Barnard, President Beilock spent 12 years at the University of Chicago, where she was the executive vice provost and the Stella M. Rowley Professor of Psychology. She created and led UChicagoGRAD, a university-wide initiative designed to prepare the institution’s 10,000 graduate students and postdoctoral fellows for leadership roles in academia, government, industry, and the nonprofit sector.

Now, the entire Dartmouth community can learn more about President Beilock and how her higher education experience will advance Dartmouth as it continues its existing commitment to excellence and continued improvement as one of the world’s most influential and distinguished institutions of higher learning.

Join Us on this Historic Journey

We invite all alumni, students, faculty, and friends of the institution to join us as we celebrate a momentous time for Dartmouth.

Stay tuned for further details about tour dates and locations. Let us come together, connect with President Beilock, and unite in our shared vision for an even brighter future for Dartmouth. The journey promises to be an unforgettable one!

For tour details and upcoming events please visit dartgo.org/beilock. Be sure to check back regularly for tour news and event details.