In Pursuit of Excellence 

Dartmouth College Recognizes with Deep Appreciation the Extraordinary Achievements of 

Robert M. Goldbloom ’81
2018 Class Co-President of the Year – 26 Years Out and Older

Robert, under your leadership as co-president with Pat Berry, this past year was an extraordinary year for the Class of 1981. Your thoughtful and ongoing efforts have resulted in important new programs that will further bond classmates to each other and the College for years to come. Leading a dedicated and power-packed Executive Committee, you have elevated class performance across the four pillars of leadership, communication, community, and service.

This year your class launched the Compassio ’81 initiative, forming a committee and laying the foundations for an ongoing effort to provide personal outreach to classmates facing challenges. We agree with your statement that “this initiative will be the most consequential and meaningful in class history.”

Communications of all forms were a major thrust of your work this year. Your deliberate and comprehensive strategy has resulted in a coordinated program of emails, website enhancements, social media, and led to the publication of additional class newsletters. The goal of each piece of communication was carefully thought through, from event marketing emails to classmate stories in the newsletter.

Your efforts to build community and engage your classmates have clearly paid off, as DCF participation reached new highs. Bartlett Tower Society membership among the Class of 1981 increased 20 percent this year. Dues participation also improved, with 40 percent contributing and 77 percent of payers making additional gifts to class projects. This enabled the class to fund its traditional internships at the Rockefeller and Dickey Centers at its highest levels to date.

The Class of 1981 is now operating at full throttle, but you still keep your eyes on the road ahead. Plans are in the works for a 60th birthday reunion and your 40th Reunion in Hanover in 2020.

Robert, we are pleased to honor you as the 2018 Class Co-President of the Year. Congratulations on your achievements.