In Pursuit of Excellence 

Dartmouth College Recognizes with Deep Appreciation the Extraordinary Achievements of 

Jaime L. Padgett '07
2019 Secretary of the Year –  25 Years Out and Younger

Jaime, it has been a pleasure to watch you grow in your vital class communications role since you were recruited in 2017 at your 10th Reunion. Your Class Notes shine with creativity, humor, and compassion, all key ingredients in the makeup of an outstanding class secretary. Time and again you consistently hit the right notes, penning interesting and inclusive columns filled with a deep appreciation for your class, your classmates, and the College that brought you all together. Never was that more evident than in your March/April 2019 Spotlight column, in which you shared the moving first-person story of an ’07 suffering from an aggressive form of multiple sclerosis whose life was saved by the compassion and generosity of her classmates and the greater Dartmouth community. As you so aptly noted, “The Dartmouth family is truly a special one.”

Topics (real and imagined!) covered during the past year included careers, engagements, weddings, babies, social activities, Dartmouth memories and traditions, travel, continuing education, and more. And while you celebrated personal and professional achievements, you also showed admirable perspective and sensitivity by giving a shout out to classmates struggling along more challenging paths. “There’s a bravery and accomplishment in what you’re doing and where you are too,” you wrote last summer, adding, “You might not choose to have us see your name here, but know that we’re all in this together and all rooting for each other.”

Jaime, in a nod to your having been a member of the cheer team during your undergraduate years and a Friend of Dartmouth Cheerleading as an alumna, the Class Secretaries Association hereby dubs you cheerleader-in-chief for the Class of 2007. It is with great pride that we honor you today with the 2019 Secretary of the Year Award for classes 25 years out and younger. Congratulations!