In Pursuit of Excellence 

Dartmouth College Recognizes with Deep Appreciation the Extraordinary Achievements of 

David L. Plekenpol 82 P17
2018 Treasurer of the Year – 26 Years Out and Older

David, you are an extraordinary example of what it means to be an outstanding class officer and leader, and your accomplishments in your 15th year as class treasurer are truly impressive. This year, you collected dues from 505 classmates representing a very strong 52 percent dues participation.

Giving classmates the option to pre-pay up to five years of future dues has led to a significant increase in overall dues participation with approximately 33 percent of annual dues participation coming from this option. The multi-year prepaid dues strategy requires thorough accounting and detailed record keeping, both of which you have strongly demonstrated as class treasurer.

You innovated by launching a new dues recognition program, ’82 Undying, which recognizes classmates with 100 percent dues participation. Similar to the Hal Ripley Society recognizing classmates who contribute to the Dartmouth College Fund every year, ’82 Undying allows classmates to make dues payments for past years in order to achieve 100 percent paid status. ’82 Undying, with an impressive 346 members, has generated additional funds that can be invested back into the class and into class projects.

The class treasury pledged $5,000 to help create and launch the Class of 1982 Fund for Great Issues Innovation at the John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding. Inspired by the Class of 1957, the fund forged a bond between these two classes to support the activities at the Dickey Center that will help undergraduates develop an understanding of international issues.

“David’s strong performance as our longstanding and dedicated class treasurer positions the Class of 1982 to be a leader and innovator in sustainable class gifts and class projects that make important impacts on the undergraduate community and beyond,” said Class President Cathy Judd-Stein. “I am thrilled for him on this well-earned Treasurer of the Year award."

In appreciation for all you have done for your class and for Dartmouth College, it is an honor to present you with the award for the 2018 Class Treasurer of the Year.