In Pursuit of Excellence 

Dartmouth College Recognizes with Deep Appreciation the Extraordinary Achievements of the

Dana B. Brisbane ’12 
2019 Class Digital Content Manager of the Year – 25 Years Out and Younger

Dana, on behalf of Dartmouth College, we thank and congratulate you for your inspiring work over the past year as the Class of 2012 digital content manager.

You have certainly been busy, dedicating your time and talent to revving up a social media presence that has kept your classmates active and connected. The Class of 2012 Instagram account in particular stands out: In addition to highlighting a range of classmates and their activities, you’ve helped to drive traffic to event registrations and websites by adding links in the bio. We anticipate this innovative tool paving the way for other classes using social media.  

Your ability to encourage participation in a young alumni challenge, directing classmates from Instagram to the Dartmouth College Fund, was a noteworthy accomplishment. Your posts and stories helped the Class of 2012 achieve 45 percent DCF participation and an endowed scholarship in your class’s name—but you didn’t stop there! When an additional challenge was announced encouraging classes to reach for 50 percent DCF participation, you continued your work until the ’12s met the goal, unlocking an additional $50,000 for the scholarship fund. Further, by initiating banter between the Class of 2012 account and others participating in the challenge, you encouraged giving among alumni from several classes.

Your service to your classmates and the College is commendable. You have set the bar high for the future of social media use among digital content managers. We are excited to see new content in the coming year and look forward to your continued use of social media to engage your classmates through your 10th Reunion.

We are most grateful to you and couldn’t be more excited to award you 2019 Class Digital Content Manager of the Year.