In Pursuit of Excellence 

Dartmouth College Recognizes with Deep Appreciation the Extraordinary Achievements of the

Class of 1989
2019 Reunion Class of the Year

The Class of 1989 has taken seriously the call to excel in all four pillars of class activity: leading by example, building strong community, communications that get results, and service that shows a true commitment to Dartmouth and each other.

The Class of 1989 set out this year to host a dynamic, authentic Reunion experience that would honor classmates, both living and deceased. Through meticulous planning, they nailed it!

Early efforts included a fourth annual summer survey with 225 respondents, which yielded instant data to guide Reunion planning decisions. A team of 37 classmates across varied interests reached out to 85 percent of the class and connected personally with 65 percent. These efforts contributed to a 29 percent class turnout for Reunion, with many more classmates engaging in other ways, some for the first time in years. The class’s 43 percent dues participation rate helped keep registration costs down while enthusiasm remained high.

Class communications included well-rounded print and digital components, including newsletters that combined nostalgia with current events, themed class notes in Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, and a stellar email open rate of 47 percent. A clean and crisp class website featured information on leadership, dues, and newsletters; comprehensive Reunion marketing; clear, detailed information on the ’89 Cares compassion committee; and a heartwarming obituaries page.

With Dartmouth College Fund (DCF) participation at over 52 percent, a record-setting $8 million-plus in DCF giving alone, and 12 new members of the Bartlett Tower Society (BTS), the Class of 1989 led all classes in DCF giving and new BTS members, while leading all Reunion classes in DCF participation.

Encouraging service to each other, the ’89 Cares compassion committee hosted a webinar to help classmates navigate care for aging parents, as well as a highly successful series of Reunion discussions on topics ranging from career changes and volunteerism to travel and new pursuits, thus building community through authentic, open dialogue about the challenges, as well as successes, that classmates have faced. These discussions, a heartfelt memorial service, LSA, FSP and freshman dorm gatherings, and other creative Reunion events encouraged a great number of classmates to get involved and take on leadership roles.

The Class of 1989 is truly poised to continue its legacy of comprehensive excellence in the coming years. For its inclusive, thoughtful efforts, the Class Officers Association Executive Board is honored to recognize the Class of 1989 as a 2019 Class of the Year.