In Pursuit of Excellence 

Dartmouth College Recognizes with Deep Appreciation the Extraordinary Achievements of the

Class of 1982
2018 Reunion Class of the Year

For the Class of 1982, 2018 was a landmark year, culminating in a tremendous Reunion. Record-breaking attendance numbers for a 35th — with 287 classmates and 413 total attendees — only begin to tell the story of the boundless effort, innovative ideas, and beautifully executed plan that made it happen.

Central to the class’s success was the mission to hold an inclusive Reunion where everyone was welcome “under the tent.” The Reunion logo — an intertwined 8 and 2 — and the “Greater Together” motto exemplified the collaborative approach of a leadership team of twenty-nine classmates that put in an incredible year-long effort. The class worked to remove barriers to Reunion attendance, raising over $5,000 to fund registration fees for those in need of financial support. Once they arrived in Hanover, classmates were greeted at a tent set up as an inviting “living room,” complete with an all-day coffee bar, that drew in guests and took them back to the long leisurely conversations they had as students. The tent also included a table showcasing classmate accomplishments ranging from recently published books to class accolades from the College. In addition to creative and delicious food, classmates’ talents were the highlights of all programming and entertainment.

The class’s relentless creativity didn’t stop with Reunion. They developed a unique dues campaign, ’82 Undying, that recognized all who paid dues from 2000–2018. They even allowed classmates to back pay dues during this Reunion year, resulting in 505 dues payers in 2018, 346 as members of ’82 Undying.

Class communications and an extensive schedule of mini-reunions were also key to keeping the class connected throughout the year. Innovative, theme-based newsletters kept readers engaged and up-to-date. Four newsletter editors reached out to classmates to gather news items, which included highlights from “82nd Day of the Year” activities, memories of LSAs and living abroad, and a “Chat in the Hat” feature through which classmates interviewed each other about their lives.

The class’s ten mini-reunions were thoughtfully designed to sync with Dartmouth events. One particularly notable gathering was held in conjunction with a Dartmouth on Location event at the National Museum of African American History, attended by 15 classmates.

The Class of 1982 has a lot to be proud of and the Class Officers Association Executive Board is pleased to award them the 2018 Reunion Class of the Year. They are truly “Greater Together.”