In Pursuit of Excellence 

Dartmouth College Recognizes with Deep Appreciation the Extraordinary Achievements of 

Class of 1978
Donald C. Smith
53 Award in Recognition of an Outstanding Mini-Reunion Program – 26 Years Out and Older

This past year the Class of 1978 successfully enhanced the role of mini-reunions beyond simply connecting classmates. The Class of 1978 leadership organized mini-reunions which celebrated issues important to the class such as giving back to your alma mater, contributing to the undergraduate experience, bringing your class project to life, and reengaging classmates.

Your Bunkhouse Work Weekend was a perfect blend of work and relaxation. Your classmates generously contributed to the funding of the ’78 Bunkhouse and enthusiastically participated in the bunkhouse construction. Enjoying a weeklong work session onsite was a highlight of this mini-reunion experience.

Additionally, your mini-reunion at the U.S. Central Command and U.S. Special Operations Command in Tampa, Florida brought your class project to life for many class members. The Class of 1978 connected with undergraduates and re-engaged classmates in this line of work through this class project-focused mini-reunion.

Congratulations, Class of 1978 on receiving the 2018 Donald C. Smith ’53 Award for an exceptional mini-reunion program. Your creative mini-reunions centered around topics important to the class exemplifies the ideals of our Mini-Reunion Association.