Association of Alumni Executive Committee
Conference Call
Thursday, April 3, 2014
12:15-1:15 pm E


Sue Finegan (president), Lorraine Buhannic, C. Alec Casey, Karen Francis-DeGolia, Mark Harty, Amy Henry, Ken Johansen, Andew Son, Lynne Gaudet (secretary)


Martha Beattie, Bob Higgins, Paul Killebrew

Sue Finegan opened the call.

  1. Introductions
    Sue Finegan welcomed and thanked the newly formed executive committee.
  2. Report on 2014 AOA Annual Meeting
    Lynne Gaudet reported on the AOA annual meeting that was held in Hanover, NH, on Saturday, March 15, 2014. The committee discussed the election results.
  3. Approval of 2014 AOA Annual Meeting Minutes
    The committee approved the March 15, 2014, AOA annual meeting minutes. The minutes, like all minutes of executive committee meetings, will be posted on the Association of Alumni website.
  4. Impact of Approved AOA Constitutional Amendment
    Lynne Gaudet thanked the past members of the AOA executive committee and those still present for their work on the constitutional amendment and the explanation text that was part of the voting material. The committee discussed the impact of this amendment: updated the names of some of the professional schools, will not hold AOA or alumni-nominated trustee elections if they are uncontested, and will hold electronic contested elections with paper ballots available upon request. Sue Finegan thanked the executive committee predecessors for all the work put into this amendment.
  5. AOA Guidelines
    The committee discussed the AOA guidelines. During the summer, Lynne Gaudet will share with the committee members the 2015 AOA election timeline.

The conference call concluded.

Submitted by,
Olivier Gilloux
Administrative Assistant, Alumni Leadership