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You can direct your philanthropy to specific departments and programs that are particularly close to your heart, from academics and research to athletics and the arts.

A group of 2024 graduates smiling for a photo dressed in their caps and gowns on Commencement day.

Dartmouth Scholarship Endowment

Endowed scholarships are essential for Dartmouth as we compete to bring talented students from across the world to Hanover. Gifts of all sizes can help grow this permanent source of financial aid.
A large group of first years gather on the green with many students holding hands in a circle

The Full Dartmouth Experience

From First-Year Trips to commencement, Dartmouth students grow through academic achievement, peer engagement, and learning from leading teacher-scholars. Giving to the Dartmouth College Fund supports the best possible undergraduate student experience.
Interior view of Top of the Hop

Hopkins Center Program Impact Fund

Support the future of the arts at Dartmouth with a gift to the reimagined Hopkins Center. The fund is designed to provide sustaining support for the array of impactful arts programming at the Hopkins Center for the Arts.
Photo of the interior of the engineering and computer science building

Engineering and Computer Science Building

The Class of 1982 Engineering and Computer Science Center is redefining how to deliver a technology education within Dartmouth’s distinctive liberal arts experience. Your gift will foster collaborative innovation.
A line of students sit in class taking notes and listening to the professor

Dartmouth College Fund

The Dartmouth College Fund provides nearly half of all undergraduate financial aid every year. Please give to the DCF to ensure Dartmouth can meet the financial needs of every student.
A photo of the late Buddy Teevans on the football field walking toward a student-athlete, smiling, with his hand extended for a hand shake.

Teevans Initiative

You can honor the late Buddy Teevens with a gift to the Kirsten and Eugene F. “Buddy” Teevens ’79 Scholarship Fund or by supporting the Friends of Football.
A group of people standing together out of focus. One woman is in front of the group, in focus but looking away from the camera.

Tuck School Named Scholarships

When you create a scholarship endowment at Tuck, you make an enormous difference for our students, providing them with powerful, life-changing opportunities.
A group of two people seated at at table speaking to each other.

Tuck Centers of Excellence

Establishing a named fund to support one of Tuck’s centers—such as the Center for Business, Government and Society and the Center for Leadership—will help prepare students for successful careers.
A group of young alumni posing for a photo at a Dartmouth-sponsored networking event.

Friends of Dartmouth Partners in Community Service

Dartmouth Partners in Community Service has supported more than 800 students in alumni-mentored internships. Your gift helps make these transformative social impact experiences possible.
A group of Osher attendees waving in a group photo on a trip to Boston

Friends of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Dartmouth

Your financial support helps provide lifelong educational opportunities for Dartmouth community members and Upper Valley residents. Help keep our programs vibrant, welcoming, and accessible to all.
A group of three male students playing volleyball outside on the Green.

Friends of Club Volleyball

Philanthropic support is essential for our club teams. Your gift to Dartmouth Club Volleyball will help with many expenses, including team travel, entry fees, and the purchase of equipment.
A woman standing behind three men, looking at a computer screen and engaging in conversation.

Tuck Business Bridge Program

There are many ways you can support the Bridge program, which gives students a practical foundation in business analytics and experiential, project-based learning.
A professor sitting next to two students, assisting one student who is showing him something on a laptop.

Koop Scholars in Prevention Science

Your gift to the C. Everett Koop Institute will help faculty and students examine the powerful influences that drive unhealthy, disease-causing behaviors, especially in children.
A group of women standing in a hallway speaking to each other.

Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice

You can help keep The Dartmouth Institute a national leader in health systems research, education, and innovation with a gift today. TDI is spurring the creation of high-performing health systems.
An architectural rendering showcasing the exterior of the proposed Hopkins Center renovations.

Hopkins Center Renovation and Expansion

The reimagined Hopkins Center will support ambitious creation of cross-disciplinary work, attract faculty and students passionate about the arts, and inspire creative experiences for all.
An architectural rendering showcasing the exterior of the proposed sailing facility

Sailing Facility

Dartmouth is constructing a state-of-the-art boathouse and boat barn that will strengthen our sailing teams and serve the entire community. Your gift will help see the project through to completion.
A group of people standing around as a speaker giving a presentation points to a member of the audience.

Friends of Magnuson Center for Entrepreneurship

Members of Geisel, Magnuson, and the Cancer Center around a table discussing research

Dartmouth Innovations Accelerator for Cancer

This new initiative gives researchers the support and entrepreneurial guidance needed to bring innovations to the marketplace for the benefit of cancer patients—and provides students with learning opportunities in biomedical entrepreneurship. The Accelerator is a joint initiative of the Cancer Center, the Geisel School of Medicine, and Dartmouth’s Magnuson Center for Entrepreneurship. Your gift to the Accelerator will provide the financial resources to advance new technologies and treatments for cancer and to develop the next generation of Dartmouth biomedical entrepreneurs.
The women's water polo team poses by the edge of the pool

Friends of Water Polo

Your gift to the Friends of Dartmouth Water Polo provides equipment and resources for student-athletes to train, travel, and thrive as they represent Dartmouth regionally and nationally.
The ultimate frisbee team poses with their Dartmouth banner outside on a summer day

Friends of Ultimate Frisbee

Gifts to the Friends of Dartmouth Ultimate Frisbee enable our team to travel to tournaments across the country and compete nationally.
The triathlon team poses together after a competition

Friends of Triathlon Club

Gifts to the Friends of Dartmouth Triathlon provide crucial resources needed for Dartmouth triathletes to train and compete, including team travel, entry fees, and the purchase of equipment and technology.
The men's rugby team in a circle before a game

Friends of Men's Rugby

Your gift to Dartmouth Men’s Rugby will help create a world-class experience for the members of the team, allowing them to compete at the highest level.
The Dartmouth figure skating team poses on the ice with their Dartmouth banner

Friends of Figure Skating

The Dartmouth Figure Skating Club has won six national championship titles. Your gift to the Friends of Dartmouth Figure Skating will support a tradition of excellence and commitment to being competitive at the highest level of collegiate competition.
The fencing team poses for a photo after a competition

Friends of Fencing

The Friends of Dartmouth Fencing provide crucial resources needed for the team to train and compete nationally—your support helped the coed team take first place at the USACFC College Fencing National Championship in 2018.
The cycling team poses on the green with their bikes at sunset on an early fall day

Friends of Cycling

Your gift to the Friends of Dartmouth Cycling helps our team meet multiple expenses, including equipment, travel and race entry fees, ultimately helping us send racers to compete in national championships.
A cyclist leans to the left as he starts a turn during a road race

Friends of Club Sports

Every Dartmouth club sports team requires resources beyond the institutional budget to be truly successful. Your support through the Friends programs enhances our ability to train, schedule, travel, and operate our programs.
The cheer team poses for a photo on the sidelines of a Dartmouth football game

Friends of Cheerleading

Your gift to the Friends of Dartmouth Cheerleading helps our team with uniforms, travel, and other expenses so that they can support our other Big Green teams throughout their seasons.
Image down Tuck Drive of the Irving Building on a summer day

Friends of the Irving Institute

Your gift to the Friends of the Arthur L. Irving Institute for Energy and Society supports its mission to engage the Dartmouth community in helping society transition to a future where energy systems are affordable, reliable, accessible, and sustainable.
Secretary of Defense James Mattis gave a talk to the "US Foreign and Military Policy” class as well as student veterans

Friends of the Dickey Center

Your gift to the the Friends of the Dickey Center will help students and faculty across Dartmouth build bridges to help solve some of the most vexing challenges before our global community.
A student, face aglow from candlelight, holding a candle at a vigil on campus

The Vox Clamantis Intergenerational Fund for Student Mental Health and Well-Being

Your gift of any size to The Vox Clamantis Intergenerational Fund for Student Mental Health and Well-Being will support student mental health initiatives at Dartmouth now and in the future.
A teacher stands at a table next to two students and is speaking to one of them

Undergraduate Learning Fellows

Your support for the Dartmouth Learning Fellows Program will help create partnerships between professors, undergraduate students, learning designers, and faculty developers to design and deliver active and collaborative learning environments.
Photo of the Tuck building covered in snow

Tuck Annual Giving (TAG): Highest Priorities

Your gift to Tuck Annual Giving provides flexible, current- and future-use support for everything from Tuck’s core operations to our most cutting-edge innovations and strategic priorities.
A group of six Dartmouth community members sit outside a building on campus

Tribal Service and Solutions Project

Your gift to the Tribal Service and Solutions Project will help empower Dartmouth students, faculty, and alumni to generate positive change in Native American communities, addressing inequities that have long hindered the prosperity of tribal nations.
Thayer School of Engineering sign on the side of the Thayer building

Thayer School Annual Fund

The Thayer School Annual Fund provides financial aid, tools, equipment, and facilities and gives all Dartmouth students opportunities to experience the creative power and real-life applicability of design thinking, problem-solving methods, and technical knowledge.
A faculty member and a student in Rauner Library study an old manuscript

Undergraduate Research Excellence Fund

The Undergraduate Research Excellence Fund provides general support for faculty-mentored research. The fund is a flexible resource that sustains and enhances research opportunities in a broad array of academic programs.
Four students working on a video project holding a boom mic, camera, and other equipment while shooting a video

Student Experiential Learning Fund

By investing in the Student Experiential Learning Fund, you’re helping build students’ confidence and skills. This innovative program provides students with a range of experiences, including internships, research, and leadership training.
Aerial shot of campus on a summer day

Parents and Grandparents Fund

Your gift to the Parents and Grandparents Fund celebrates your own student’s time at Dartmouth and helps ensure that all students have an excellent Dartmouth experience.
A large group of students gather in front of the sign that reads "Cradle of Humankind" in South Africa

Off-Campus Programs Travel Fund

Give to the Off-Campus Programs Travel Fund to help ensure every student has an outstanding term away from the Dartmouth campus.
A student presents research at the Wetterhahn Science Symposium

Wetterhahn Symposium

Your support for the Karen E. Wetterhahn Science Symposium advances the career of scholars from all walks of life and all stages of their careers, helping them connect, share perspectives, and brainstorm new ideas.
Four people sit at a table answering questions in a panel discussion on diversity, equity, and inclusion

The Institute for Black Intellectual and Cultural Life Gift Fund

Your gift to the Institute for Black Intellectual and Cultural Life at Dartmouth College will support distinguished visitors, research projects, and scholarly and public programming exploring the impacts of anti-Black racism on students, faculty, and staff of all backgrounds.
A professor and medical students walk across campus

Fund for the Geisel School of Medicine

With your gift to the Fund for Geisel, you are providing Geisel students with vital support that will help them become the best physicians, scientists, and health care leaders they can be.
A full congregation attends a service at the William Jewett Tucker Center

Friends of the William Jewett Tucker Center

Your support for the William Jewett Tucker Center for Spiritual and Ethical Life builds relationships across identities, engages in dialogue on meaningful issues, and cultivates spiritual and ethical lives that will make a profound difference on campus and beyond.
Five students working at a Hopkins Center workshop

Friends of Student Workshops at the Hopkins Center for the Arts

Gifts to the Friends of Student Workshops help fund the Ceramics Studio, the Donald Claflin Jewelry Studio, and the Woodworking Workshop. Each features professional staff who provide a hands-on introduction to their crafts through non-credit, workshop-style classes and open studios.
Student working in a lab bends down to look at a sample in a test tube

Guarini School Annual Fund

The Guarini Schools ultimate goal is to prepare world-leading scholars who can also drive change. Your gift to its annual fund helps fund more fellowships, attract a greater diversity of students, and create outstanding professional development programs.
Three students walk on campus toward the Rockerfeller Center

Friends of Rockefeller Center

Your gift to the Friends of Rockefeller Center will strengthen and expand courses, seminars, exchanges, and other experiences for undergraduates that will support wise, effective leaders dedicated to serving others.
John Rassias teaches before a large classroom of students with their hands raised

Friends of the Rassias Center

Your gift to the Friends of the Rassias Center will help Dartmouths Rassias Center promote cultural understanding by offering language instruction to our students and to visitors from around the world.
Kayaks and canoes in the foreground inside the boathouse as students gather by the Connecticut River

Friends of Ledyard Canoe Club

The Ledyard Canoe Club has been supporting flatwater and whitewater recreation since 1920. Today, the club rents canoes, kayaks, and paddle boards, and organizes extended paddling excursions, thanks to your support.
A large group of Dartmouth community members sits to listen to a talk in the Hood Museum

Friends of the Hood Museum of Art

The Hood Museum of Art is one of the world’s most dynamic teaching museums. Gifts to the Friends of the Hood support more than 100 special programs, lectures, gallery exhibitions, and hands-on learning opportunities.
The Handel Society of Dartmouth performs on campus

Friends of the Handel Society of Dartmouth College

The Handel Society of Dartmouth College is the oldest student, faculty, staff, and community organization in the United States devoted to the performance of choral-orchestral major works. Your support keeps it vibrant and thriving.
A Dartmouth volleyball player jumps as the ball passes her and a teammate returns the ball

Friends of Dartmouth Women's Volleyball

As the volleyball world continues to evolve and teams everywhere improve, the Friends of Dartmouth Women's Volleyball make a significant difference for our team. Your gift helps ensure that our team will continue to shine.
A women's rugby player breaks past an opponent as other chase after her

Friends of Dartmouth Women's Rugby

Over four decades, Dartmouth’s women’s rugby has evolved from a group of novice ruggers to a nationally ranked, elite program. Gifts to the Friends of Women's Rugby have helped make this possible. 
Dartmouth track athletes compete in a Ivy league race

Friends of Dartmouth Track and Field/Cross Country

Gifts to Friends of Dartmouth Track and Field/Cross Country are a crucial element in developing our roster of more than 100 student-athletes’ strength and depth, allowing them to compete at the highest level.
Women's tennis doubles teammates stand ready to return a serve

Friends of Dartmouth Tennis

Your gifts to the Friends of Dartmouth Tennis provide access to advanced equipment and technology that play a crucial role in enabling our teams to compete for Ivy championships and against nationally ranked opponents.
A conductor stands in front of the Dartmouth Symphony Orchestra during a piece performed at Dartmouth

Friends of the Dartmouth Symphony Orchestra

Your support to the Friends of the Dartmouth Symphony Orchestra brings world-class symphony performances to the Upper Valley and provides first-rate experiences for student musicians.
A Dartmouth swimmer comes up for air mid breaststroke

Friends of Dartmouth Swimming and Diving

Gifts to the Friends of Dartmouth Swimming make possible the team’s annual training trip, team apparel, special training equipment, and more robust recruiting so our swimmers compete at the highest level.
A Dartmouth squash player bends down to swing at a ball coming in low against the ground

Friends of Dartmouth Squash

Support for the Friends of Dartmouth Squash is essential to the growth of the program, helping to purchase special equipment and expand recruiting efforts so we can continue to compete against top-ranked opponents.
A Dartmouth softball player post swing watches the ball fly through the air

Friends of Dartmouth Softball

Gifts to the Friends of Dartmouth Softball help players and coaches with the equipment and resources to prepare for the season, find and commit top recruits, and travel to games across the country.
A Dartmouth soccer player races past an opponent toward the goal

Friends of Dartmouth Soccer

Dartmouth men’s and women’s soccer teams have won 19 Ivy League championships and made 26 NCAA tournament appearances. You can support their continued success.
Two students take the chairlift to the top of the Dartmouth Skiway

Friends of Dartmouth Skiway

Your gift to the Friends of Dartmouth Skiway helps keep the Ivy Leagues only private ski mountain vibrant and thriving for all community members.
A Dartmouth downhill racer carves a turn around a gate during a race

Friends of Dartmouth Skiing

The Friends of Dartmouth Skiing elevate our alpine and Nordic programs in multiple ways, including two weeks of early-season training in Colorado and crucial training equipment, such as heart rate monitors and roller skis.
Two Dartmouth ski patrol members stand by the chair lift

Friends of Dartmouth Ski Patrol

Members of the Dartmouth Ski Patrol promote safety and provide emergency first-responder services at the Dartmouth Skiway. Your gift to the Friends of Dartmouth Ski Patrol will help us purchase equipment and uniforms and reduce the cost of training and certification.
Two Dartmouth sailors competing in a regatta

Friends of Dartmouth Sailing

The Friends of Dartmouth Sailing have helped transform Dartmouth into a highly regarded program that has won multiple national championships. Friends provide funding for essential equipment, assistant coaching compensation, and expanded travel opportunities.
Rowing team practices on the Connecticut River

Friends of Dartmouth Rowing

Your gift to the Friends of Dartmouth Rowing makes possible two annual training trips, team apparel and equipment, and a more robust recruitment program.
Several students sit on the porch of a Dartmouth Outing Club cabin

Friends of the Dartmouth Outing Club

The Dartmouth Outing Club is the largest collegiate outing club in America and the umbrella organization for several outdoor recreation groups, including the Ledyard Canoe Club and Dartmouth Ski Patrol. Your support helps ensure the DOC continues to offer a vibrant mix of programs.
A women's lacrosse player cuts toward the net with the ball

Friends of Dartmouth Lacrosse

Our men’s and women’s lacrosse teams strive to compete nationally and capture Ivy League titles. With the support of the Friends of Dartmouth Lacrosse, we offer a first-class experience to our players and invest in their development.
Dartmouth hockey player wearing number 10 skates to the front of the net looking for a pass

Friends of Dartmouth Hockey

Between equipment costs and the need to recruit across the globe, hockey is one of the most expensive collegiate sports. Fortunately, the Friends of Dartmouth Hockey generously help our players compete and succeed in one of the nation’s premier hockey conferences.
A golfer is in backswing on a put

Friends of Dartmouth Golf

With the support of the Friends of Dartmouth Golf, our teams can attend more top-level tournaments. This expanded schedule and better equipment, also made possible by the Friends, prepare our golfers for the Ivy League Championships.
Dartmouth football team lines up on defense against an opponent's offense

Friends of Dartmouth Football

With the support of the Friends of Dartmouth Football, our program produces competitive teams while developing leaders who excel on and off the field. Your gift helps us with recruitment and provides players with strength and specialty coaching, technology upgrades, and training equipment.
A Dartmouth field  hockey player stickhandles past an opponent during a game

Friends of Dartmouth Field Hockey

Your gift to the Friends of Dartmouth Field Hockey strengthens our entire program. Donors advance the vibrancy and competitiveness of our team, helping us improve our training and purchase new equipment.
A Dartmouth equestrian rider jumps over an obstacle

Friends of Dartmouth Equestrian

Thanks to the Friends of Dartmouth Equestrian, our team can host shows, attend clinics, and train across the country. Your generosity helps with the care of our horses and enables us explore new competitive experiences.
Three dancers raise their hands in the air as they perform on stage at Dartmouth

Friends of the Dartmouth Dance Ensemble

Support the Dartmouth Dance Ensemble, a professionally led student performing group that showcases student and professional choreographers, exposing members to a breadth of styles and content.
The Dartmouth Wind Ensemble performs on stage at Dartmouth

Friends of the Dartmouth College Wind Ensemble

The Dartmouth College Wind Ensemble performs music from the late 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries for the local community and beyond through concerts, outreach projects, and charitable endeavors.
Dartmouth basketball player drives to the basket around an opposing player

Friends of Dartmouth Basketball

The Friends of Dartmouth Basketball provide crucial resources that enable the men’s and women’s teams to compete and win in the Ivy League and beyond. Your generosity supports player development, team travel, and recruiting.
Dartmouth baseball player slides headfirst back into first base after a pick-off move

Friends of Dartmouth Baseball

Dartmouth fields competitive baseball teams, with two Ivy titles and eight Red Rolfe championships in the past decade. Your gift to the Friends of Dartmouth Baseball supports salaries, recruitment efforts, and the annual spring trip.
Barbary Coast Jazz ensemble performing on stage at Dartmouth

Friends of the Coast Jazz Orchestra

he Coast Jazz Orchestra explores the full spectrum of jazz and creative music, from Ellington and Mingus to the latest original compositions. Support creative interaction, structural innovation, and American ingenuity.
A long table full of people sharing a meal at a Friends of Al-Nur event

Friends of Al-Nur

Al-Nur—“the Light” in Arabic—is the Muslim student association and is affiliated with the Tucker Center. It provides spiritual support for students and welcomes the entire Dartmouth community. Support its work by joining the Friends of Al-Nur.
Photo of a faculty member speaking with a student during her office hours

Faculty Excellence Fund

Our teacher-scholars are at the heart of the Dartmouth educational experience. Recruiting, retaining, and nurturing the best faculty is a top priority. With your help, Dartmouth will expand its faculty support.
Cornel West lectures before hundreds of students at Dartmouth

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Accelerator Gift Fund

Your gift to the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Accelerator Gift Fund will help provide a strong foundation for positive change on campus and beyond.
Two students writing notes at a desk during class

Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning

By making a transformative gift to the Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning, you will help remove barriers, promote evidence-based practices, and nurture a culture that values and rewards outstanding teaching.
Two students stand in front of a crowd at a conference and present their research

Conference Grants for Undergraduates

At Dartmouth, the liberal arts and world-class research go hand in hand. By supporting undergraduate conference grants, more Dartmouth students will interact with top scholars in their fields and present their research.
Class photo on the green with Dartmouth Hall in the background

Scholarship Endowments

Dartmouth’s endowment is designed to last forever, and through careful management, it provides a substantial amount of funding for financial aid, teaching, research, and operations every year. Learn how you can establish an endowed fund.
Doctor speaking with patient in an office with a computer open

Center for Technology and Behavioral Health

Support the creation of digital health therapies and the training of leaders in evidence-based digital health. You can help develop digital health therapies for behavioral needs such as addiction and disease management.
A group of international students in conversation in a classroom

International Student Scholarship Fund

Support for international undergraduate scholarships means all students can have exposure to a mix of life experiences, cultures, and world views. Gifts of all sizes help grow the international student endowment.
A young athlete sprinting mid-race

Athletic Director's Fund for Excellence

Giving to the Athletic Director's Fund for Excellence helps the Department of Athletics focus on pressing needs, strengthen our sports programs, and enhance their competitiveness.
Students sitting at tables in a room, smiling

Academic Enrichment Fund for Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities

Your gift supports learning and research related to Asian American, Pacific Islander, and diasporic communities at Dartmouth. The fund promotes cultural understanding and facilitates dialogue examining racism, displacement, and intersectionality.
A group of senior students posing in front of Baker

African and African American Academic Enrichment Fund

Dartmouth’s African and African American Studies program is among the oldest in the nation, working to create an inclusive and equitable future through teachings and scholarship that help students understand and act on the forces of structural racism.
Members of the Dartmouth football team running on to the field on game day

Athletic Sponsors Program

Ensure that Big Green teams are as competitive as possible. The Athletic Sponsor Program provides vital recruiting resources for all varsity sports. These funds bring more than 200 top prospects to campus each year for a first-hand view of the Dartmouth experience. 
The Dartmouth Marching Band performs in the stands at a football game

Friends of the Dartmouth College Marching Band

The Dartmouth College Marching Band keeps fans cheering at football games and other events. Keep them marching with your gift to Friends of the Dartmouth College Marching Band.
A student in the library creating a Winter Carnival poster

Friends of Dartmouth College Library

The Friends of Dartmouth College Library enrich library resources, host lectures, and support programs such as the library’s Book Arts Workshop. Help continue a tradition of information stewardship and the love of learning.
The Dartmouth Glee Club performs at Dartmouth

Friends of the Dartmouth College Glee Club

The Dartmouth College Glee Club repertory spans five centuries, from masterworks of opera, musicals, a cappella works, and the cherished songs of Dartmouth College. Your gift helps support the art of chorale performance.
The Dartmouth Social Impact team stands outside for a group photo on campus

Friends of Dartmouth Center for Social Impact

The Dartmouth Center for Social Impact prepares students to be transformative leaders through community-driven experiential learning. Students develop skills, scholarship, and passion to solve the most pressing social problems. You can help.

Ways to Give

There are many ways to make a gift that supports Dartmouth students and faculty, but almost all ways of donating fall under three broad categories: annual giving, which has an immediate impact; endowed giving and building projects, which is an investment for the long term; and planned giving, which typically refers to gifts that are part of an estate plan. 

Annual Giving

Dartmouth directs annual gifts to its immediate priorities. At the undergraduate level, the Dartmouth College Fund and the Parents and Grandparents Fund provide nearly half of all undergraduate financial aid. 

Learn More
A drone shot at dusk featuring a side view of Baker Tower

Professional School Annual Funds

Tuck logo on gray

Tuck Annual Giving

Thayer logo on gray

Thayer Annual Fund

Geisel logo on gray

Fund for the Geisel School of Medicine

Guarini logo on gray

Guarini School Annual Fund

An exterior view of the entrance to Rauner.

Planned Giving

Planned gifts—also known as legacy gifts or estate giving—are long-term forms of supporting Dartmouth, such as including the university in your will. 

An exterior view of two students seated along the wall of Dartmouth Hall

Endowment & Building Projects

Gifts to the endowment and capital projects are powerful expressions of paying it forward for multiple generations.

Friends Support

Friends groups support clubs, programs, and activities across campus, giving every student the opportunity for a robust, well-rounded Dartmouth experience. 


Our Five Areas of Focus

Under President Beilock’s leadership, our institution is committed to fulfilling and expanding our mission through five areas of focus.

a diverse rgoup of students pose for a photo with President Beilock

Diverse lived experiences and free expression

as demonstrated by Dartmouth Dialogues

Contact Us To Support A Priority
two people in a lab adding liquid to a beaker

Health and well-being across the Dartmouth community

as demonstrated by the Commitment to Care initiative, the new Chief Health & Wellness Officer, and a focus on childcare and housing

a woman adjusts equipment in a lab

Innovation and global impact

through an investment into groundbreaking research happening in our West End and beyond

a woman chooses a tool during a research project in Greenland

Environmental responsibility

for our campus and planet, by implementing efforts to reach Real Carbon Zero and pioneering polar and climate research

two men hold a Dartmouth banner in a tent at a campus event

Lifelong Dartmouth

by encouraging alumni, friends, and family to remain connected to the community

Why I Give

Financial aid remains one of the best paths to take young people with incredible potential and make a transformational difference in their lives.
- Rebecca Tadikonda ’95
Daryl Roth, President Sian Beilock, and Steven Roth stand on stage in front of an rendering of the new Hopkins Center with the words The Future of the Arts at Dartmouth written on the image

Dartmouth Announces $25 Million Gift to the Arts

Daryl and Steven Roth ’62 TU’63 make the lead gift toward renovating and expanding the Hopkins Center, the largest gift to the arts in Dartmouth history.

Read More