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At the Crossroads of Civilizations


Friday, February 14, to Monday, February 24, 2025

Journey to Tunisia, a majestic North African landscape coveted by empires for millennia. Step back in time to when ancient Carthage dominated the Mediterranean as a superpower. Experience this diverse heritage of Roman power and Arab-Islamic reign for yourself on this nine-night program. 

Amid Tunisia’s sunny beaches and Saharan vistas, gain in-depth knowledge about underappreciated parts of world history. When you witness Tunisia’s medinas, Roman and Islamic ruins, and seaside villages, you’ll understand why the country has attracted artists, writers, and intellectuals for centuries.

On expert-guided excursions, go behind the scenes at several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, from Carthage’s Phoenician ruins and Roman villas adorned with mosaics; to Dougga, North Africa’s best-preserved Roman city. Feel the spiritual legacy of Kairouan, one of Islam’s holiest cities, with an inside look at its legendary seventh-century mosque. Imagine the ancient gladiatorial spectacles inside the 35,000-seat Amphitheatre of El Jem, which rivals Rome’s Colosseum in scale and preservation. Ancient feats of engineering will inspire you, including the Temple of Waters in Zaghouan, whose underground chambers supplied water to Carthage.

$8,499 per person, double rate | $9,999 single rate

Feb 14, 2025 - Feb 24, 2025


8,000 - 11,999