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Alumni Council Resources

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A Primer on the Dartmouth Alumni Council

If you’re a new member of the Dartmouth Alumni Council or a curious alum, the following information will help you get started.

Alumni Council Committees

Much of the Alumni Council’s work is accomplished through committees. Sometimes the work of a committee may include one or more non-members of the council from either the alumni body or some other source. For example, appropriate staff officers at the College can serve as committee liaisons to coordinate the work of groups and provide accurate information to committee members. Committee meetings are held between sessions of the council as required.

Communicating with Dartmouth

The Alumni Council is the official communications conduit between alumni and the College. If you’d like to convey your questions or comments to the College, contact your Council representative or the Alumni Liaison Committee.

Who’s my Council rep?

Wondering how to share your feedback? Find your representative! You could have one, two, or a few representatives, depending on the constituencies you belong to.

Alumni Liaison Committee

The Alumni Liaison Committee collects and synthesizes alumni sentiment and communications to share with multiple Dartmouth audiences and alumni.

Alumni Leadership Organizations

What’s the difference between the Dartmouth Alumni Council, the Association of Alumni, and the Association of Alumni Executive Committee?

Alumni Council

The Alumni Council represents Dartmouth’s alumni. It consists of 125 members representing classes, geographic clubs, graduate schools, affiliated groups, students, and others.

The Association of Alumni

The Association of Alumni is Dartmouth’s alumni body. Each of Dartmouth’s 78,400 alumni is a member of the association.

The Executive Committee of the Association of Alumni

The Executive Committee of the Association of Alumni runs balloting for trustee elections and for the election of its own leadership. It consists of 11 members elected from and by the alumni body in alumni-wide balloting.

Meeting Sessions

Catch up on the latest news and happenings from the most recent Alumni Council meeting minutes and committee summaries.